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An online guide to Internet threats

An online guide to Internet threats



Symantec’s in-depth tutorial and prevention booklet.

For information about the most common Internet threats lurking at home, visit Symantec It is also available in Hungarian, an online “FlashBook” description, which lists the threats we have to deal with online.
These include “classic” viruses, spam, worms, and Trojans, but FlashBook also pays special attention to cybercrime and phishing. The latest, tenth edition of the Internet Security Threat Report also draws attention to the fact that unintentional, destructive attacks have been replaced by deliberate money laundering attacks. At the end of 2006, phishing activities were launched against three Hungarian financial institutions in two weeks: anonymous people sent e-mails to their customers luring them to websites similar to their websites in order to obtain their telephone and Internet IDs.
FlashBook not only shows you what dangers to look out for, it also provides practical advice on how to avoid them.