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Android 12 will copy one of the best features of IOS 14


Android 12 will copy one of the best features of IOS 14

It seems that Google is working to android 12 they include a feature from IOS 14 that Apple already copied from Android. All this mess of copies is not bad, since between both operating systems they are nurturing, little by little, the best functions of the other. Android 11 Beta launched the double-tap feature on the rear to trigger certain actions. Finally, it did not include it in the effective system and Apple did it in IOS 14. Whether it was an Apple copy bound for Android is unclear.but now android 12 could resume this function.

Android 12 will include the ‘Touch Back’ function of IOS 14

With iOS 14 Apple officially released the feature ‘touch again‘, that a few months have passed since the effective system came to the iPhone on duty. Now Google plans to include this function again, it has already done so with the android 11beta, in your effective system. It’s a actually useful function which can be configured.

After setting it up, you can tap on the back of the device twice to awaken a predetermined work. This work can be to activate the Google Assistant, take a screenshot, uncover recent applications and other actions.

It’s a way to have a invisible dedicated cocoon and that it only activates after pressing twice on the back. The devices that include this function do not need special software, since this work is carried out thanks to the terminal motion sensors.

9to5google has shown that the feature will be, again, in the android 12beta to be resolved shortly. Google plans to use it again during the beta, but nobody can say for sure that it is a function of the final translation. With Android 11 it was seen in the beta and then disappeared from the plane when the effective system became official.

The bad message is that at all times it is a function for Google Pixel and not for the rest of Android devices on the market. This will greatly limit its use, especially in countries like Spain where Google no longer trusts to betray its main innovations in smartphones.

We will have to wait to assimilate if android 12 finally includes this tap-back-to-activate-default-commands feature that works so well in the Apple devices with IOS 14.