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Android vs iOS: why does Android use more RAM than iOS?

Android vs iOS: why does Android use more RAM than iOS?

It is a question that never ceases to be resolved, but like all questions this one too has its why and its detailed explanations; the answer seems to be very simple and we will explain it to you through this article. Let’s see in detail who will win in the eternal war Android vs iOS and therefore what acts on all Android smartphones compared to those that integrate Apple’s operating system, the iOS.

In today’s battle of Android vs iOS which places two distinct realities in the mobile field: in fact, through various studies carried out by Quora, the website that dealt with the resolution of the question, which underlines the substantial difference between the two operating systems is the use of Java language and the opening / closing mechanics of a hypothetical application called “garbage collection“.

In fact, when someone closes an application, the operating system closes it freeing up RAM memory (a bit like it happens with all devices), but according to the research carried out by Quora, the process that frees the RAM uses 4 or even 8 times the amount of RAM that employs the application in its use. This process, in older devices or with low RAM memory, would slow down the system and cause problems for us consumers.

Instead, all this does not happen in devices that equip the iOS operating system and therefore they can boast of having only one GB of RAM.

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