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Announced Witch Thief, a witch with very long hands

Announced Witch Thief, a witch with very long hands

The Cardboard Keep team announced today that Witch Thief coming soon to Steam for PC and later on consoles.

On a quest to steal an enchanted grimoire, a daring witch sets out on a perilous journey through arena ambushes of possessed dolls and very tough bosses.

This is Witch Thief

Naturally, those who guard the tome won’t give it up without a fight, so our heroine must do what she does best: that is, sneak in the front door and take it anyway.

We will be able to unlock three feisty witch heroines with different powers, each with a personal story intertwined with the Witch Thief’s own tale.

So I was talking about the game Tim Bermansederco-founder, Cardboard Keep and project leader:

We’ve worked hard to bring the characters to life and bring a new, more story-focused vibe to the shmup genre. Coupled with a 3D perspective that’s adjustable on the fly, and a range of difficulty levels for all players, we’re glad it’s hitting the spot for a wide variety of audiences, not just the ****-raiser.

The title will have five different zones, from clearings in the forest to vaults of a cathedral. We will be able to control the camera to adjust it to the perspective that best interests us at all times and we will also face memorable bosses, from the guardian angel of the castle to the smiling bishop.

Witch Thief is designed by the indie team Cardboard Keep. It’s due out for Windows PC in 2018, followed by console versions next year.