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Announcement; foundation Breda Game City

Announcement; foundation Breda Game City

Today Breda Game City officially announces its existence! Breda Game City Foundation focuses on local opportunities and aims to create a professional, healthy and creative environment for the dynamic video games industry in Breda.

Breda Game City Foundation (BGC) was founded by a diverse team of experts who feel connected because of the common realization that Breda has many untapped opportunities and opportunities for the video game industry.

Matthijs van de Laar – Chairman BGC and Co-Founder Twirlbound “During my education and the start-up phase of our game studio, I learned how useful a local community can be and how this could be improved in Breda. Such a community is not only useful for game developers among themselves, but also the involvement and support of local parties such as the municipality of Breda are extremely valuable at this stage. With Breda Game City we are committed to making it easier for starters and existing companies to use these lines, capitalize on the opportunities and partly relieve developers so that they can focus more on developing games.”

The foundation aims to put Breda and the Southern Dutch region on the map both nationally and internationally. They do this by making the versatile Breda talent visible and also by looking for and/or creating the ideal factors, opportunities and activities for new and existing companies in Breda.

An important partner for the organization is the Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas). Robbie Grigg director of ‘BUas Academy for Games and Media’ praises this initiative: “We are very pleased with the establishment of Breda Game City. After graduation, most students leave for game studios overseas or elsewhere in the country, but Breda has all the important ingredients for a game development hub: brilliant alumni, a perfect location in Europe with excellent travel connections, affordable infrastructure and the characteristic Dutch work ethic combined with a high quality of life. Breda Game City is a great step to support more student startups such as Twirlbound and Stitch Heads and to attract larger game studios to the city.”

The Municipality of Breda is also involved as a partner, as it wants to develop as an International Hotspot for Applied Technology and Creativity. Part of this is working together with companies and knowledge institutions to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship. Breda Game City fits in well with this and the municipality has already pledged its support for the coming years.

Alderman for Economy, Social Affairs, International and Business Management Boaz Adank about the role of the municipality: “Breda has the ambition to become the hub of the South for Applied Technology and Creativity. Together with Breda Game City, we will do our best to make the business climate in Breda as attractive as possible for this sector. There are great opportunities in Breda to enrich the existing creative community with companies that focus on the development of games. In times where gamification and serious gaming are experiencing enormous growth, this branch should not be missing in Breda. Especially because we train the talents in this field in our city.”

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