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Another independent horror game – Hybris is made


Another independent horror game – Hybris is made


Skill and adventure game elements are also included in the independent Monsters team game.

The independent Monsters studio has announced that it is preparing for Hubris, which will enrich the camp of horror games. In terms of genre, it will be an interesting mix of adventure games and skill games.
“Hybris is a psychological puzzle-skill game that will haunt you with your dark world in your dreams. As you fight for survival, you will penetrate deeper and deeper into your own heart and soul, where you will realize the unspeakable truth.” – read the description of the developers.
The protagonist of the story is Kevin, a little boy. As long as he knows his mind, he lives in solitude, which is not helped by the fact that his parents are constantly quarreling. To escape from things at home, she loves to go up the mountain where she can relax in the hardships of life. But one night he notices a strange light that changes everything. An important part of the gameplay will be a thorough review of our environment, as we will not be able to solve the puzzles otherwise.
Although no target platforms have been nominated by the makers yet, it is certain that the game will not be available until 2014. In addition to the announcement, the first few pictures arrived.