According to a reliable source at 9to5mac, it appears that Apple is starting to send Apple Store UK employee training materials regarding iPhone trade-in.

Second only to the United States, the United Kingdom is the country with the largest number of Apple Stores. The source added that Apple plans to start training in other European countries soon, but the first country to have this new chance will be the UK.

As in the US, BrightStar will manage the trade-in program. The devices will be treated for recycling in the UK. The trade-in process is very simple: a customer who wants to buy a new iPhone brings their older iPhone to the store, the phone will be evaluated based on hardware damage, water damage and screen quality and then a gift card will be provided. for buying a new iPhone.

Pricing for iPhone trade-ins through Apple’s program is competitive, but not as high as the offers offered by other services. However, it appears that the existence of Apple’s program, at the time of in-store sale, is an unbeatable convenience factor.

We do not know when this service will also arrive in Italy but we believe that there are now a few months to go.


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