In recent months, Apple has decided to delete any Samsung components off the assembly line of bitten apple products. After the screens and flash memories, this time it was at batteries of the Korean company, present in numerous Apple products.

After the lawsuit that for months pitted Apple and Samsung, the Cupertino company has decided to gradually eliminate all the components of the Korean giant from its products, in order to create a big loss of money and demand.

Samsung’s displays and SSDs, which have been eliminated from all Apple products, have paid the price. The same fate has befallen the batteries, present above all in the iPad and MacBooks.

Apple has decided to turn to other companies to supply batteries for its products, including Amperex Technology Limited and Tianjin Lishen Battery. Most likely, the change of components will already take place in the current devices, integrating the new batteries to the units not yet produced.

After this move, Apple is dependent on the Korean company for only one component, the processor. Samsung, in fact, produces the chips A4, A5 and A6, the heart of the devices of the bitten apple. Most likely, the Cupertino company will change supplier in 2013, to avoid paying the price hike on processors announced by Samsung.


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