Following the recent death of the 15-year-old worker in Pegatron, Apple sent its medical experts to conduct an investigation at the site in question, finding that the boy’s death was not caused by the working conditions at the plant.

The results of the investigation were provided by Apple in a statement to Reuters on Thursday. The iPhone maker found that the boy died of pneumonia and nothing present at the factory would cause the disease.

No mention of the multiple deaths that occurred in Pegatron, but the watchdog organization said that “at least five” workers employed at Pegatron factories in China have died in recent months.

15-year-old Shi Shaokun was hired at a Pegatron factory after providing false documents, which said he was of legal age to work in a Chinese factory.

“Apple is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for every worker in our supply chain, we have a team with Pegatron to ensure conditions meet our high standards,” the company said.

Pegatron released his own statement, saying the investigation showed the boy’s death was in no way related to working conditions. However, China Labor Watch says the boy underwent a physical exam on September 4, which showed he was in good health. He then died in October.

As with the other deaths, Pegatron said the other three deaths occurred during the March / April period and were caused by medical conditions unrelated to factory work.


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