March 2017 was an incredible month and one of the best in modern gaming history. The release of masterpieces / great games like Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn and the new console Nintendo Switch in such a close period it hadn’t happened for a very long time and apparently April 2017 will not be outdone, we are going to illustrate the most important releases of the next month.

Person 5

Person finally returns to the west and does so with this new chapter developed by Atlus. This great role-playing game still promises plenty of content and longevity that has always been the series leader, charismatic characters and a plot full of twists. Persona 5 will be released exclusively on Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 on April 4th.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

One of the most particular titles coming out this April. Sniper Ghost Warrior is a stealth sniper saga based on a sniper who will have to eliminate different targets in an open world map recreated with the Cry Engine. The game promises considerable tactics and various methods of dealing with different solutions. The release is scheduled for April 4th, on Xbox One, Ps4 and Pc

Yooka – Laylee

Who loved the former Banjo-Kazoiee absolutely cannot miss this 3D platform developed by the new studio Playtronics. The latter, among other things, is composed of several former members of the original Rare, including the composer, Yooka-Laylee is in fact considered the spiritual sequel of the first Banjo. the game will be released on xbox one, ps4 and pc next April 11th, a Nintendo Switch version is also planned for the near future.

BulletStorm Full Clip Edition:

Yet another remastered of a title that was very underrated at the time. This remastered promises full HD graphics and a framerate upgrade up to 60fps, the game will also see the introduction of several usable characters, including the legendary Duke Nukem. The game will be released on Xbox One, Ps4 and next PC April 17.

Vodoo Vince Remastered

The excellent Vodoo- Vince is back in a remastered version, very underrated original Xbox exclusive. The game is a 3D platformer, which sees us in the role of the doll Vodoo – Vince, in terrifyingly spooky environments. This version promises full hd graphics and an improved framerate at 60fps. Vodoo Vince Remastered will be released next April 18 exclusively for Xbox One and PC.

Syberia 3

After thirteen years Syberia is back. The splendid saga based on the adventures of the lawyer Kate Walker will continue from where we left off at the end of the second chapter, once again developed by Microids (the immortal I would add) and always drawn by the incredible Benoit Sokal! So let’s get ready to immerse ourselves in the sequel to one of the most beautiful graphic adventures ever. Syberia 3 will be released on April 20 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC

Outlast II

The first is certainly one of the most loved horror titles of recent times. Four years later Red Barrels tries again with Outlast II, a new chapter that this time will take us to Arizona, in the midst of a plot that will deal with religious cults and mass suicides, inspired by Jonestown. Outlast II will be released on Xbox One, Ps4 and next PC 25 April

Little Nightmares

Awaited indie puzzle platform game developed by Tarsier Studio. The story will see us engaged on behalf of “Six”: a nine-year-old girl who will have to face numerous challenges and nightmares in an underwater resort to be able to regain her freedom. The game will be released on Xbox One, Ps4 and PC next April 28


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