Zordix, during the Game Developer’s Conference 2016, released a video in high quality of the new title linked to jet skis: AquaMoto Racing Utopia, sequel to AquaMoto Racing 3D.

This particular game it was announced a long time ago for WiiU, only to disappear from the view of gamers for quite some time, giving the impression that the project was not sailing in clear waters.

However, it seems that the game has finally sailed and its announcement brings with it a big news. In fact, as well as on WiiU, it will also appear on Playstation 4 in a version that uses the power of the new console. The studio, of course, is definitely not one of the big brands in the industry, however the graphics shown in the movie are enjoyable and clean, bringing a lot of nostalgia for those who have played titles like Splashdown.


The gameplay, as you can guess, is based on running tracks in aqua scooter and winning races between one stunt and another. Everything will take place in areas ranging from large tropical waters to urban canals, creating a good diversity of settings. At the moment, there are no further data regarding the release date.


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