In the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Origins certainly there is no shortage of secondary quests, but you could risk losing some along the path of the Bayek path, for this reason we advise you to take as a reference what is written and illustrated below to find out the position of all the side quests present in the last chapter of the Ubisoft saga.

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Street children

The main secondary quest of Menfi, in the south area. Chase the kid and kill all the guards who will ambush you where the kid will lead you. Once this is done, go to the new point of interest and investigate all the clues in the area, ending up talking to the oil seller.

To make him cooperate, set fire to the jars of oil next to him and, once you have the last clue, follow the steps and go to the boat first and to the temple then killing the guards and saving the children. Take the key from the guard and go down to the dungeon to free the rest of the family.

Roman death

You will get this secondary mission after finishing the previous one. Go to the mission location and after finding the dead father’s body use Senu to find the boat and assassinate the target. You should be at least level 27 and skilled enough with stealth to be able to complete the mission without worry.

Blood in the water

You will get this mission from the informant’s table in the west area of ​​the central area of ​​Memphis, by talking to Thutmose, the crocodile hunter.

The worst smell

You will get this mission from the informant’s table in the west area of ​​the central area of ​​Memphis, near the fast travel point, by talking to the priest at the temple.

The Baker’s Dilemma

Talk to the baker in the north east area of ​​Menfi and retrieve her collaborator with the help of Senu. Once you bring it back to the oven, you will be given new objectives in the nearby camp. Destroy the jars to finish the mission.

The Song of Taimhotep

This secondary mission will be available as soon as you have completed the main quests of the Memphis area. You will find it in the central area of ​​the city. Go to the objective and go to the tomb to get the talisman from the merchant. Now you will need two flamingo tongues and two heron feathers. To find the feathers, go to the road south of Menfi, as indicated below:

Flamingo tongues will be more difficult to find, but by going to the area indicated below in the name of Canopus you shouldn’t have too many problems:

A dream of ashes

This side mission will be available after finishing the main story quests in Memphis. You will find her in the southwest corner of the city, talking to the priest who will ask you to save three people.


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