In the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Origins certainly there is no shortage of secondary quests, but you could risk losing some along the path of the Bayek path, for this reason we advise you to take as a reference what is written and illustrated below to find out the position of all the side quests present in the last chapter of the Ubisoft saga.

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Murder in the temple

You will find the secondary mission in Karanis, the city located in the north east of Fayyum.

Feeding the Fayyum

Sequential mission to the previous one, once the previous one is completed you will find it more or less in the same area.

The curse of Uadjet

You will find the secondary mission at the north shore of the lake in Fayyum. Talk to the Greek boy who yells about Greeks and harmony.

The rebel attack

You will find the mission in the area west of where you found “The Curse of Uadjet”, but only after completing the “Rebel Alliance” mission.

Demons in the desert

The mission can be reached in the west of the Fayyum and is of a much higher level than those in the surrounding areas, so make sure you are level 39 before starting it, to do so go to the location and talk to the madman.

The fires of Dyonisia

You will find the mission in the southeast area of ​​Fayyum, before reaching the city. You will need to go to the west of Euhemeria in the fields and talk to the farmer.

Sobek’s gold

Reach the town in the southeast area of ​​Fayyum and you will come across a priest who takes it out on a boy. Talk to us and find out why.

Forging Siwa

You will find this side quest within the city in the southeast corner of Fayyum, by talking to the walking merchant.

The illness

This mission can also be found in the area south east of Fayyum, in the southwest area of ​​the city, after speaking with the healer in the slums of Euhemeria.


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