In the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Origins certainly there is no shortage of secondary quests, but you could risk losing some along the path of the Bayek path, for this reason we advise you to take as a reference what is written and illustrated below to find out the position of all the side quests present in the last chapter of the Ubisoft saga.

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Precious ties

In the northeast area of ​​Giza you will find a man inside a cage. Free him to start this side mission. Talk to him and escort him to his “headquarters”. Once here he will tell you about a friend of his held captive and a precious ring. Go and save the other friend too and, once you return to the camp from the other one, learn of yet another third friend who, it seems, has escaped with the precious ring.

Go in search of the third man who, unfortunately, you will find dead and without a hand. Apparently a hyena snatched it from him along with the ring. Use Senu to locate the hyena and once you find it go and kill it (it’s not too far from your location).

Retrieve the ring, return to the camp and give the ring to one of the men, at your discretion.


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