We have already previously talked about the Phylax and their danger, but as befits dangerous enemies correspond bonuses and loots of equal importance, which could tempt you to hunt, once ready and sufficiently prepared and equipped, to these fearsome enemies. .

Where to find them then? What can we get from their defeat in Assassin’s Creed Origins? Here are the answers to your questions.

The Outsider

Level: 20
Location: Alexandria
Equipment: sword, shield, bow
Drop: Golden Wolf

Ptolemy’s Fist

Level: 22
Location: Sap-Meh Name
Equipment: heavy club, bow
Drop: Copper Mace

The Iron Ram

Level: 25
Location: Inab-Hedjet Nome
Equipment: sickle sword, bow, smoke bombs
Drop: Snoke and Mirrors

The Stranger

Level: 28
Location: Memphis
Equipment: sword, shield, bow
Drop: Sarissa

Ra’s Mercy

Level: 30
Location: Faiyum
Equipment: spear, shield, bow
Drop: Storm Blades

The Hill

Level: 32
Location: Faiyum Oasis
Equipment: heavy club, bow
Drop: Headsplitter

Bane of Hathor

Level: 35
Location: Atef-Pehu Nome
Equipment: bow
Drop: Deathstorm


Level: 38
Location: Im-Khent Nome
Equipment: bow
Drop: Composite Bow

The Iron Bull

Level: 40
Location: Giza
Equipment: sword, bow, fire bombs
Drop: Djoser’s Pride

The Galatian

Level: 40
Location: Isolated Desert
Equipment: sword, high shield, spear, fire bombs
Drop: The Fourth Plague (warrior bow: health on hit)

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