Today Atari Benelux announces the start of a new label under the name G-Booster. The first releases are expected May 11. These will only be Playstation 3 accessories. Accessories for other platforms will be released at a later stage, to be announced.

During the first release, the following products will be launched:
• Playstation 3 Wireless Controller
• Playstation 3 Wired Controller
• Playstation 3 Controller Battery
• Playstation 2 – Playstation 3 Input Converter (compatible with all PS2 controllers/wheels)
• Playstation 3 S-AV cable
• Playstation 3 HDMI cable
• Playstation 3 Component cable
• Playstation 3 USB cable

“For Atari Benelux it is a great opportunity to bring reliable and functional accessories to the market.” Says Menno Eijck, General Manager Sales & Marketing. “There are a lot of gamers waiting for affordable yet quality accessories to make gaming even more fun!”


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