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Audiblogs turn any web page into a podcast

Audiblogs turn any web page into a podcast

Have you ever thought about how comfortable it would be to be able to turn any article or web page into a podcast? Well, the guys at Audiblogs have done it. And what’s more, they’ve even developed a rope tackle that does just that.

Audiblogs, formerly known as “Send as a Podcast”, is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that converts any entry on a web page into audio so that we can listen to it as if it were a podcast.

A rig that can be very exercise to listen to the news or catch up on our favorite publications while we get on the measure or wait for the bus.

Great extension for chrome that turns posts and posts into talking podcasts

Its operation is very simple:

Note: Please note that the conversion process may take a couple of minutes depending on the length of the text.

Although Audiblogs is a free platform, the truth is that it has a goal. The application works through a credit system that will allow us to convert various text articles to podcasts for free, having to buy packs of hours (very affordable, around 1 euro per hour to convert to audio) if we want to continue using the service. with veteran looseness.

As for the quality of the audios, the truth is that it is very surprising due to the nationality and narration that it offers, with a pronunciation in consummate gachupin. Far above the typical utilities that work with artificial voices in the style of Loquendo and company.