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Badland to Publish Timsea Studios’ ADOME

Badland to Publish Timsea Studios’ ADOME

Badland Publishing has announced that it will be the distributor in charge of publishing the Timsea Studios game ADOME.

ADOME transports us to the City of Light, a futuristic city covered by a dome and populated only by robots with assigned routines that keep the city in perfect condition.

ADOME: A robot… different

Among all the robots there is a different one, IB1: a seed instructor with routines different from the rest and with ability to learn, feel and think for oneself.

Your adventure begins when you wake up and discover that the seeds assigned to IB1 are missing, but you feel a connection to one of them: “Seed Y”. You feel their emotions, their suffering, their terror… Their call. This will encourage you to uncover what is hidden in this beautiful and colorful city.

ADOME is an action, platform and exploration adventure in the first person with a very elaborate plot. Thanks to the elaborate parkour system, they ensure that you will have an agile and precise gameplay with fast and dynamic combat.

The game will have an agile and precise gameplay where there is nothing pre-established and we will have total control. In addition to parkour, we will have dynamic action with enemies that will put our skills to the test.

In ADOME we will travel from futuristic cities to natural landscapes, in which we will have to explore, go through its platforms and live moments of frenetic action.

The game will be available soon for consoles and PC, although the exact release date has not yet been specified and it appears as the expected year. 2019.