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Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok

Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok

A little different level

With all the violence that is appearing on the games market these days, we occasionally have to switch to less well-known titles that appear exclusively for the PC. Iceberg Interactive is such a publisher that likes to focus on publishing relatively cheaper, less well-known games. One such game is, for example, Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok, a PC exclusive from developer studio Wax Lyrical Games, an indie game developer of yesteryear. Whether this studio, still learning, has been able to achieve a first, successful result is the question…

In Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok you enter a monumental pleasure dom, also known as ‘Utopia’. This Utopia was designed by Baron Wittard, an architect who is said to have clung to a terrible secret that, of course, everyone would want to know. The city where you will be present consists of more than 1000 apartments, and is therefore not your average village. There is also a shopping center and various offices. Although the opening of the region was planned 2 years ago, this never happened. However, now it is rumored that something or someone is present in the city. Time to investigate.

Utopia is a completely lonely city with all kinds of dark nooks and crannies where mystery will be important. Armed with your torch and a simple camera you will have to search for all kinds of hints and solve puzzles using a point ‘n click system, where the mouse will be the only tool you will use, although you can of course use it of some buttons on the keyboard. Let me come straight out and be honest. Baron Wittard is a very weak game, which radiates little. Although the story still sounds somewhat creepy, and points in the right horror direction, there is little to see in-game. The point ‘n click mechanism is so painfully slow and boring that you’ll sooner fall asleep from the game than be impressed by the atmosphere. Every now and then you’ll get some horror noises to spice up the atmosphere, but more than that you probably won’t notice in a positive way in terms of atmosphere. In the game you have continuous interfaces that you can point your mouse at, after which you can go 2 meters further in that direction. This makes the gameplay so annoyingly slow that you often have to click several times and wait until you arrive at a certain location. If you have overlooked something, it will undoubtedly lead to irritation. In addition, the game is also very unclear. Already in the beginning you will notice that you are thrown in at the deep end, whereby any explanation has apparently been superfluous for the developer. In the beginning you will be messing around with the question: What should I actually do, investigate, or solve? In the already lonely game you are quietly abandoned by the developers, who show with this game how not to make an accessible game.

boring intention

While Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok manages to evoke some horror atmospheres in the beginning with the intro movie, which prepares you for frightening scenes, you will notice ingame that it is just a boring intention there in Utopia. It therefore looks more like a browser game where you are pressing links on a web page, instead of a game. You sound at a certain point, or in a certain direction, and then you fade to the next illustration, where you can click through to the next illustration, or click through to investigate. The criticism of this game is therefore not the puzzles that you have to solve, and the research that you have to do in the areas, but the gameplay, which is so incredibly boring and slow, that you quickly return this game to the game. closet, and with pleasure.

How amateurish the game is made is also apparent from the mediocre graphics, but also from the exaggerated voice acting that can be found in the game. From the intro movie you will notice that it is all so overly exaggerated that the credibility quickly disappears. Also ingame you will notice few sounds, making the atmosphere even more boring than it already is. On all fronts, Baron Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok is a very mediocre game, which will not even be worth the relatively low amount of 19.99 Euros. Although Iceberg Interactive has delivered better games, including the Wings of Prey/Luftwaffe games, this has turned out to be one of their lesser releases in our opinion. Leave it alone, and let that Utopia go to **** in peace. No one will lose sleep over it.

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Author: Jeroen Janssen | Genre: Adventure/Puzzle | Release: 24-04-2011 | Publisher: Iceberg Interactive | Developer: Wax Lyrical GamesGraphics: 4.5 † Sound: 4.0 † Gameplay: 3.0 † Controls: 4.0 † Playback: 2.0 3.0+ Story could have been fun++- Very boring and slow gameplay- No atmosphere- Game mechanics and quality nothing