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Batman: Arkham City – The Penguin takes the stage

Batman: Arkham City – The Penguin takes the stage



It has been officially confirmed that the Penguin will also be featured in the new game.

The first wandering news appeared on the weekend Batman: Arkham City one of his new, as yet undeclared evils, the Penguinabout. The rumors were triggered by a newspaper scan, namely the Australian Sunday Herald An image depicting Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin, appeared on one side of the Rocksteady in his upcoming game.
The development team responded quickly to the news and Dax Ginn in his statement he also officially unveiled the new character.
“The Penguin has always been portrayed as a well-mannered, selective-speaking aristocrat suffering from a serious minority complex. So we too have formed a really evil, disgusting figure in him who is raging for greatness. He dresses in expensive things but has a lousy taste, a an incredibly rude, brutal guy who still has some special charm. ” Ginn explained, then referred to the Penguin’s minions as well.
Other developments have come to light these days with the game coming in the fall. It turned out that Joker’s right hand, Harley Quinn his voice will not be borrowed from Arleen Sorkin, who has synchronized the character in so many cartoon series and not least in Arkham Asylum, but Tara Strong. The identity of Harley Quinn is also unknown to Tara, as she also starred in the animated series Batman: Brave And The Bold, where she dubbed Huntress.
“The fact that I got the role of Harley Quinn is a huge honor, which I take very seriously. He has a very refined personality coupled with a distinctive speaking style that I want to give back as best he can. Huntress is a completely different personality I helped create a lot.”
The actress also covered her relationship with Harley Quinn Joker during the interview.
“Harley Quinn also protects the Joker in the classical sense, almost obsessively. It’s a strange mixture of psychosis and the charm of the average woman. At the same time, he’s very strong and sharp-minded to be taken seriously.”