An interesting content update is coming to the “music game”.

A new line of rhythm games was launched a couple of years ago by Audiosurf, which showed a new one by being able to use any audio file to create a track for us, which we could then play our way to music – rhythm, of course. The lineup of these games is enriched by Cold Beam Beat Hazardalso, which now comes with a multiplayer downloadable content update within a month.
Starting next month – to be exact June 27from – you could shoot your favorite tracks with a friend in this shooter game. The DLC will appear through the Steam system and will cost no more than $ 5. The content update will also include a co-operative game mode and competitive multiplayer. Because new tracks are literally not possible to integrate into the game, so to make DLC even more worth the price, developers are expanding their program with other options. These include a new perk system, lots of new powerups, bosses and enemies.
A PS3 version of Beat Hazard will also be released later this year, and owners can hope to arrive with their ‘Ultra’ DLC content on their favorite console. However, 360 owners may not feel so comfortable, as the game was released on the Microsoft console on Xbox Live Indie Games, which does not support DLC; however, developer Cold Beam is already in talks with the company to make the game available through Xbox Live Arcade, which would also provide a way for DLC.


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