, or the irreverent beavers who love videogames of the homonymous webcomic, has again produced a wonderful cartoon for the collaboration with

This time we see them grappling with a hot topic of recent times, the release of Playstation VR, the Sony home viewer. In fact, the price of the headset package seems to be one of the cheapest, as it will cost 399 euros. However, in order to actually use it, you will need a Playstation Camera, which is not included in the headset bundle. This thing, left a little aside by Sony during marketing campaigns but never hidden, has aroused various reactions of both indifference and controversy.

Own on this wave of discussion our rodents wanted to give us the new strip, which represents the current virtual reality market in a humorous way.

As you can see, the viewer market is one of astronomical prices, therefore Sony’s low price is tempting to many, but in reality if you do not have all the necessary accessories you could find yourself like our little pig, that is, with a dry mouth. From this nice cartoon we can draw a necessary moral that should always guide your purchases: before spending money, it is necessary to find out about what you buy and how it works. For example, we now know that a bundle will most likely come out that will include all the hardware needed to run Playstation VR.


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