Bergamo, the first app dedicated to the wonders, tourist, artistic and food and wine itineraries of the city of Bergamo.

It will be possible to get around the city of Bergamo in comfort, thanks to this app, without the possibility of getting lost, as there is a geolocated map, which can also be navigated offline; where it is possible to consult the places and monuments of greatest interest; designing routes for those who travel with children, as a couple, alone, for those who want to experience adventures, for those who have little time to visit the city but do not want to lose the most important things. Furthermore, depending on the monument in which you are located, it will be possible to listen to an audio guide available in Italian and English that explains in detail all the curiosities and the history of the monument. By pointing the camera of the device towards the surrounding reality, monuments, bars, streets, restaurants will be indicated.

You can download Bergamo for free on the AppStore at this link.


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