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Best BestyGames Games of the Year 2017: Horizon Zero Dawn

Best BestyGames Games of the Year 2017: Horizon Zero Dawn

How many times have you let go of the controller and just been admiring the day, watching the sun rise and set? Horizon Zero Dawn made me appreciate the time many times. How long has a beautiful game like this been around, huh? the adventure of aloy it is incredibly beautiful, with an impressive world. The variety of scenarios, involving snow, swamp, desert and beach meant that we had to clap for the Guerrilla Games for competence at work.

We also had the opportunity to meet a great protagonist. aloy is strong, kind, fair and friendly, working very well as a strong character, but at the same time sensitive. Her presence makes the game very interesting, especially when she goes, village by village, person by person, helping and positively influencing the place, while finding her personal answers. In selfish and individualistic times, the values ​​of aloy are very nice to follow.

Along with the entire history of the game. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the few games that really captivates the player to want to explore all of its content. Whether by exploration through exploration, or even knowing that performing side missions helps the game at a certain point, you want to continue playing, and still feel sad when you do everything, because it is, in fact, a very fun game. We know that a game like this has a lot of time and quality from those who take care of it, but not bad a horizon 2 in a few years, huh?

Horizon Zero Dawn it’s a lesson in how to make a good game. Forget the graphics, which are excellent. What stands out here is its sensational gameplay and its ability to captivate the player, making the game more and more fun, with several elements that we’ve been used to in recent years being well implemented and making a difference.

It’s a “pity” that horizon appeared in a year that proved to be so full of exceptional games, but even so, I’m very happy with the recognition that the game has until today, whether in cosplays, among the gaming community or even among the press, who received the game so well. .

Read our full review and help aloy hunting robotic beasts while discovering more about the world and herself in this grand adventure worthy of any list of Best of the Year self-respecting.