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Best mobile apps to create videos from photos


Best mobile apps to create videos from photos

Video stamping can be a lengthy process, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Most of us don’t want to sit around for hours turning our favorite photos into movies and greetings, and happily for us, there are plenty of mobile apps that help us do just that with just a few clicks on our phone. We’ve rounded up a series of mobile apps that create video clips from photos that you can use as video files, allowing you to put together music, filters, and whatever else you want to make them truly memorable.

1. PhotoPlay

platforms: Android

The ridiculously popular video maker and photo merger app has once herded itself to the top of apps that create video clips from photos. It allows you to combine photos with videos, music, stocks, stickers, etc. seamlessly to create wonderful cinematic greetings from your favorite photos.

Use fades in, fades out and other fancy stock to create smooth transitions between sets of photos, then add the music you really want to capture the moment. (You may be able to piece together the song that was played when the photos were taken.) FotoPlay supports multiple image formats. So whether you’re shooting upright or horizontally, it’s got you covered.

The “Video FX” feature is a must as it gives your videos that cinematic quality that takes them to the next level.



If you want to unleash your inner creativity, using your photos to create stylish music videos or just a decently presented slideshow, then Flipagram is for you. The app uses its internal algorithms to scan the photos you send and can then make your photo collection a little more cinematic by automatically applying filters, music, and timing. All this with a single click!

Of course, Flipagram also lets you take your projects into your own hands, letting you put together your own music and beat. It has robust stamping tools that allow you to fine-tune the details of your plan before allowing you to easily share it online.

A few things to note: Flipagram is supported by a subscription after the free trial period. (So ​​enjoy!) There still seems to be some kind of fake Flipagram app on the Play Store that isn’t that great and doesn’t seem to be created by the same developer, so avoid that one!

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3. Google Photos

platforms: iOS, Android

Many of you are already using Google Photos, and for good reason. Google Photos has a great photo delivery interface combined with free and unlimited storage (as long as it doesn’t cost you a little squeeze).

On top of that, Google Photos can automatically create slideshows and animations from your photos. These slideshows revolve around special occasions or recent trips, and Google automatically selects the photos based on data like location. While they were pretty cool, users didn’t have the ability to manually prefer which photos they wanted to include in slideshows. Until now.

Users can create movies on demand, selecting a theme such as “Mother’s Day”, “Selfie” and “Doggie”, to name a few, and then identifying who should star in the production. Google Photos will automatically try to come up with the best photos and video clips. On top of that, the app even adds music to your videos!

4. Magisto

platforms: iOS, Android

Magisto bills itself as a smart editor that makes movie creation easy. Users simply choose the film style they think best suits their photos or footage. This helps Magisto determine your audience and your focus.

For example, Magisto will structure clips differently in a promotional video for social media compared to a wedding. After nominating a video style, users select the video clips or photos they want to appear in their movie. Finally, users choose the music they want to use as the soundtrack.

Users then sit back and relax while Magisto does his necromancy. Magisto is very easy to use, which makes it perfect for people who have no previous stamping experience.

On top of that, Magisto offers social media integration to make it easier for you to share your clips on-line. Magisto offers a premium rendering that removes some of the restrictions found on the offering, including the ability to download your clips for playback on other devices, such as a PC or TV.

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