As of today, the new Android user edition is officially available at various sales outlets. This time we focus on the topic of games and present the BestyGames Games Collection with over 60 funny and creative games for in between.

The November issue of BestyGames presents new and interesting games on around 30 pages. This also includes exotic delicacies, such as a pinball game with vector graphics or ancient text adventures. If you can still remember the Amiga, Atari and the C64, you will be happy about our emulator article. Here we introduce apps from Google Play that bring the old games back to life. In addition to the three classics mentioned, there are also emulators for the Apple II or the ZX Spectrum. You will also find detailed test reports on new releases from the Tegra Zone and new games from Gameloft in the focus section.

Tired of Angry Birds & Co. but want a change from the usual classic games? We have put together 66 casual games for you in the BestyGames Game Collection, which are available for download as a ZIP archive on our homepage. We have also described around 60 of them in the magazine, six bonus games are only available for download. The download archive also contains a short description and a screenshot of each game.

In the hardware section, we tested the Galaxy Note 10.1, the Samsung Galaxy Camera, the Archos 101 XS and other smartphones and tablets for the November issue, including the outdoor specialists Sony Xperia Go and Cat B10. We also tested accessories for the Galaxy Nexus.

For PowerUser we present an app in the current issue that keeps the data of apps on different devices synchronized. This is especially interesting for players who want to transfer a game to a new mobile phone without losing the game status. Friends of a custom kernel won’t miss out in the November issue either. In our second part on our own kernels, we present the Abyss kernel for the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S II.

This time our developer workshop also revolves around the focus topic of games. We’ll show you how to create a simple game using the Game Kit app. The source code is also available for download so that you can get started right away.

In addition to these special topics, in BestyGames 11/2012 you will find, as usual, an extensive route with app tests and app tips as well as our news charts from Google Play.

BestyGames 11/2012 is available from today at numerous kiosks, petrol stations and train station bookstores. The print edition costs 5.90 euros in Germany. Alternatively, you can order the magazine free of charge from our shop or download it as a PDF for 3.99 euros.

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