Get ready to explore an alien planet, cataloging species and discovering exotic biomes. It looks like a description of No Man’s Sky, but we are talking about Journey to the Savage Planet, game that hits the main platforms today, check out our review!

Welcome to Planet AR-Y 26

In Journey to the Savage Planet, we take control of a (highly disposable) employee of the Kindred, a company that proudly holds the title of 4th Best Interstellar Exploration Company on Earth.

After a somewhat turbulent landing on the planet AR-Y 26, our mission is explore this exotic and wild new world and find out whether it can (or not) serve as a new home for the human race. Oh, and finding a way to fix the ship back home is also important.

And this is how, armed with some very unconventional equipment, we will explore different environments of this alien world, cataloging specimens of fauna and flora while we discover raw materials that will allow us to improve our equipment to continue the exploration.

Space MetroidVania

It may not seem like it at first glance, but Journey to the Savage Planet has a little foot in MetroidVania: there are places we can only visit after we get some addition to our costume, or a new skill. from a turbo jump to our jetpack even special gloves that allow us to carry explosive/electric/acidic plants, there are dozens of upgrades that improve our locomotion and exploration capabilities.

And how do we get it? exploring. The gameplay loop wants the player to thoroughly explore the game’s vast alien landscapes, and rewards their dedication with new tools that give them access to more places for them to explore.

Mobility is everything in this game, and, fortunately, the game doesn’t hit this point: in addition to the jetpack, we have a kind of laser “web” capable of “sticking” to certain surfaces, and there are even seeds that create new support points for this “web”. The scenarios are very vertical, and floating islands connected by a few stones force the player to be creative (and courageous) to proceed.

Check out some co-op gameplay below (it’s a pretty random snippet, no quests or anything like that):

This is not to say that Journey to the Savage Planet be a walking simulator: there are a handful of hostile creatures dotted around the planet (as well as some harmless ones), and the game even brings some interesting boss battles, which require the player to intelligently combine their craft if they want to emerge victorious.

But combat is a secondary element, what really drives the game are exploration and mobility. Exploring the game world is a delight — although the rewards for exploration aren’t always great — but how much fun you’ll have depends a lot on how curious you are, and how far you want to go in the game world. If there’s a visible place, there’s probably a way to get there.… you just need to figure out how.

Cooperative and nonsense humor

Journey to the Savage Planet seems to seek inspiration in the work of Douglas Adams to build a sci fi universe that is as exotic as it is bizarre, and will get a good laugh out of players.

From creatures with strange names (and appearances) to bizarre commercials in live action that are playing on your ship’s TVs, passing by the ever sociable eko (artificial intelligence that guides us, and must have some grateful kinship with the late GladOS), the game never takes itself seriously, and there are jokes and satires to the sci fi genre in every corner.

Even the co-op mode takes advantage of this: you can invite a friend online to play, but he won’t be another astronaut, but a “meat buddy“, which is basically a clone of you. At the start of each game, the host character wakes up in his bed, while player 2 simply steps out of the cloning machine. These are small details that enrich the game and make your universe even more fun.

the staff of 505 Games he gave us two game codes, so I could enjoy the whole experience alongside our comrade Renan. And, I believe this is the best way to play Journey to the Savage Planet: players can split up and help each other, not to mention that this is the kind of game to play by chatting, sharing discoveries and solutions with a friend.


Journey to the Savage Planet is a very beautiful game. Its visuals are colorful and vibrant, with surreal elements that defy logic… what a good alien planet should be. Crazy plants, bizarre animals, huge alien buildings, it’s all here.

The game brings excellent voiceovers, and the soundtrack is quite subtle, to allow us to hear all kinds of strange noises that are emitted by the world and the creatures that live in it. Oh, and we have menus and subtitles 100% in Portuguese so no one is floating in dialogues and jokes (which are many)!

The performance was what caught the most: I’m not sure if it was the online component, but the game didn’t run smoothly, even on the PS4 Pro. Little snags and gagging were constant, and we can witness some bizarre bugs, like waypoints that change places or even an “invisible” companion, all you could see were the items in your hands, floating in the air.

Considering that the game is being released today, I believe most of these issues can be fixed with patches. We started playing about a week before release, during which time some bugs are kind of to be expected as final adjustments are still being made. But, I hope that the adjustments arrive, and Journey to the Savage Planet reach your true potential.


Journey to the Savage Planet is, from now on, one of the good surprises of this beginning of the year. Mixing exploration and verticality with generous doses of humor and a well-done coop, the game brings good hours of fun for those who enjoy “getting lost” in the surreal worlds that only video games can deliver.

As already said, your level of satisfaction depends a lot on your curiosity and your willingness to explore. Those who expect a traditional scripted campaign will not find it here: the game lets you down on planet AR-Y 26, and leaves you free to decide what to do, how are you going to do it and in what order are you going to do it?.

Despite the bugs, I really enjoyed my experience with the game, and I think it hits a lot more than it misses. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take advantage of this lull at the beginning of the year to recruit my “clone” Renan, as we still have a lot of things to explore and discover on this wild planet.

Journey to the Savage Planet is being released today, with versions for SQUARE, PS4 and Xbox one. This analysis was based on the version PS4 of the game, running on PS4 Pro.


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