Year in, year out, and the Activision the universe of Destiny with expansions. Expansion has recently arrived Rise of Iron — or Rise of Iron here in Brazil — and we tested the content to tell you all about it!


I live a love-hate relationship with Destiny. On the one hand, it’s one of the best FPS I’ve played in years, and I’ve (literally) spent hundreds of hours traveling through space with my Guardian, fighting alien races, completing missions and (of course) seeking better weapons and armor parts.

The problem is that Destiny it never had all the content it could (and deserved) to have, so the campaigns themselves last 4 or 5 hours, and then you have to keep “grinding” new gear and upgrades redoing the same missions over and over to elevate the level of your warrior. The highly random distribution of loot at the end of each mission ended up making this repetition an exercise in patience and frustration.

Back in 2014 I wrote a full review of Destiny, where I made clear everything I liked or didn’t like about the game. The text only covers the original version of the game (before all expansions), but much of the information is still valid, even though many things have been improved since then. Click here to check it out.

The Rise of Iron

The new expansion and Destiny introduces us to the “old guard” of the guardians, the calls Iron Lords. Many years ago — before the creation of the Tower and of the Vanguard — they were the ones who kept things in order in the galaxy, and they did a relatively good job until the SIVA, a gooey tech-alien symbiote that is capable of taking control of other life forms and even machines, got out of control and what was supposed to be a useful tool in world rebuilding became a lethal weapon.

almost all Iron Lords perished in the fight against SIVA — there was only this one up there, the Mr Saladin (yeah, that’s his name) – but they managed to trap the goo and leave it dormant for many years. Of course, now it has decided to wake up — or rather, has been “awakened” by the scum of the galaxy — and has quickly spread, transforming our good old fallen in improved and more aggressive versions. And it’s up to you, brave Guardian, the mission to stop the spread of SIVA by the universe.

Truth be told, even though it adds new areas, new characters and equipment, the expansion keeps the essence of Destiny unchanged. Of course, as I said, this “essence” has improved a lot from 2014 to now, which undoubtedly makes the experience much less frustrating than it was 2 years ago… but there is still a lot of repetition and a lot of grinding involved in the evolution of your character.

What’s New in Expansion

With the arrival of the Iron Lords, opens up a new region on Earth — the pestiferous lands — as well as a new social hub — the iron temple, which is in the icy peaks of Felwinter. Those nostalgic who have been in the game since the beginning will enjoy a huge quest to get the new version of Megaphone, rocket launcher that has always been one of the community’s darlings.

O Iron Temple is the new social hub for the game.

And this is the “new” Megaphone, more stylish than ever.

Another interesting new feature is the Archon’s Forge. It’s a kind of free arena/public event — which you need to find by patrolling the Pestiferous Areas, there’s no way to get right into it — which you can face with 2 other friends, and which usually yields very good quality loot, but you need to make offerings of very specific items to summon enemies. In general, the challenges that take place there are similar to those that take place in the Prison of Elders and on Oryx cut, with the difference that everything happens in a public area.

Fans of the good old Crucible will also be able to have fun with a new game mode called Supremacy, which works similarly to game modes Kill Confirmed in Call of Duty: it’s the usual team knockout, but now every Guardian fallen drops one coat of arms. Vest coats of arms enemies to win/count kills, and deny victory to the opposing team by collecting the coats of arms of his fallen companions. Nothing revolutionary, but definitely a lot of fun.

Things not so new

For a start, almost everything that is “new” in the expansion is located there in the same region as the old russia where is our old acquaintance Cosmodrome, that is, the expansion scenarios are a mix of new places with others already well managed, even if the action of the SIVA has given a new face to several already known places.

So far so good. But if there’s one thing that really irritates about Destiny and the recycling enemies, and she is unfortunately still present here. we are facing the same fallen as usual, but now they have new clothes. It’s the same enemy as 2014 with a new skin, basically. We’re talking about a space game, which has (literally) a universe at its disposal. Is it really that hard to create a new type of enemy that doesn’t look like all the ones we’ve seen?

And this recycling rolls not only with generic enemies, but also with bigger and more important ones. Here’s a battle against a new sub-boss who isn’t that “new”:

In addition to this, other bosses are also back, receiving a “makeup” by the SIVA. remember the Prime Sepiks, practically one of the first bosses in the original game? Yeah, he’s here again. A little more badass, it’s true, but it’s still the same Prime Sepiks.

Besides that, grinding is still a necessary evil for those who want to venture into the Raid, by the Nightfall Assaults, which are the activities that require the highest levels of light. The loot distribution at the end of each mission seems a little fairer — and the infusion, a feature that came with the expansion The Taken King last year, helps a lot to level your equipment – but you’ll still have a lot of work to reach the dreamed of 385 points of light (which for now is the maximum level, but it should go up to 400 when the Bungie release the Raid in greater difficulty).


Of course the act of playing Destiny should not be viewed in such a bureaucratic way.. The feeling of the game is still amazing, and its super well calibrated gameplay is still one of the best FPS experiences for consoles. You will no doubt have fun doing the same patrols and robberies with your friends. The search for loot is always better when done as a group, chatting and laughing.

The point is, for those who don’t have a lot of time (or many friends to play online), grinding can end up becoming a lonely and repetitive activity. That’s not a problem today — and maybe it’s not exactly a problem, after all, the Destiny it’s always been a cooperative experience — but I think it’s worth making that clear, because activities like Raids don’t have matchmakink, and you need to have a squad (6 players) built to access them. Of course, if you don’t have friends to play with you, it’s easy to find forums and groups on the internet that form clans and mark games between “unknowns”.


Stretching in this part is kind of like raining in the wet, right? Destiny was already amazing in these aspects back in 2014, and it remains amazing in 2016. The game’s visual maintains the already-known quality, and the only thing that really bothers you is the aforementioned recycling of enemies and scenarios, as the design itself is still top-notch, and it doesn’t owe anything to games that are now coming to the forefront. shelves.

The same goes for the soundtrack, which remains grand and exciting, masterfully mixing choirs and orchestras with electronic beats and even some distorted guitars here and there. THE dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese also maintains the same quality as in previous years, both for good — your ghost and most NPCs — and for evil — the “narrator” of the Crucible still awful.


Even though it brings new areas, new equipment and new missions, the Rise of Iron it doesn’t bring much that is revolutionary or genuinely innovative. It’s the Destiny fans already know and love (or hate), now with a universe a little bigger to be explored.

if you are already playing Destiny since 2014, no doubt you will find here plenty of reasons to keep playing. if you have never played Destiny in life, enjoy, because nowadays it is a much better game than it was in 2014, and you can buy a package with everything that has been released so far, so your arrival timing couldn’t be better.

With increasingly frequent rumors about a Destiny 2, there are those who say that the Rise of Iron is the latest major expansion of the game. If it doesn’t necessarily end with a golden key, it at least retains the qualities (and flaws) that made it Destiny a phenomenon.

Destiny – Rise of Iron was released in September 20 for PS4 and Xbox one.


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