Dead Rising turned 10 years old! To celebrate, the Capcom re-released the first 3 games in the series, remastered, on next-gen consoles! Let’s revisit the craziest zombie apocalypse in the gaming world?

3 in 1

Dead Rising it’s one of my favorite franchises that emerged a generation ago. The first game — which was exclusive to Xbox 360 for a while — it traumatized me at first, but after you use some “tricks” (read grind XP by replaying the beginning of the game several times and saving the character’s stat), the game becomes pretty cool.

While the franchise relies on something I’m not a big fan of — the relentless time limit that governs campaigns — it offers an incredibly varied experience that mixes survival, hack ‘n slash, crafting… all in a post-apocalyptic universe that tells “serious” stories, but is all the time flirting with nonsense, as it is full of absurd situations, references to zombie fans no fault and, of course, the always attractive possibility of using almost anything as a weapon: toys, bags , hangers, umbrellas, trash cans, fireworks and more.

Now the Capcom relaunches 3 series classics for the new generation! You can purchase a pack with the 3 games, or buy each one separately. Each game already features the main DLCs that were released for it (basically costumes and other trinkets).

Dead Rising 1

The game that started the series and introduced us to the charismatic and ambitious photojournalist Frank West. Armed with his inseparable camera, Frank You have 72 hours to survive in a huge shopping mall full of zombies, and to save many survivors, face psychopaths and find the solution to the mystery with an air of conspiracy that plagues the city of Willamette.

Dead Rising 2

In the pseudo-city-****** Fortune City, we meet a new protagonist: Chuck Greene, motocross rider who has a young daughter infected by the zombie plague. Fortunately, there is a remedy that inhibits the zombification process: Zombrex.

Of course, getting the little girl’s medicine in a city full of zombies and psychopaths won’t be an easy task. Highlights include the fun weapon creation mode introduced here, which lets you combine seemingly random items into creatively lethal weapons.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

The public asked Frank West back, and the Capcom answered: in a non-canonical episode that’s kind of a “what if?” for the series, we see the photojournalist — who became a bit of a celebrity after the first game — visiting Fortune City, where he will participate in a crazy reality show and (of course) get involved in another crazy conspiracy with zombies.

Considering that one of the biggest “problems” of the series has always been the running of time — you can miss missions and important events if you’re not in the right place at the right time — this episode stands out for having a sandbox mode, where you can simply touch the horror through the city, fulfilling crazy challenges without having to worry about the clock.

many endings

One thing I think is really cool about the series is that it has several ending possibilities: each game has about 5 different endings — and some even involve a little extra post-game time — and there are different goals that should (or shouldn’t) be fulfilled to reach each of the endings. Not all endings are “good”, but overall they are very interesting.

If you, for example, lose the helicopter in the first game, you get an ending. If you take the helicopter without having completed all the “cases” (main missions that develop the plot), you get another ending. If you are captured by the Special Forces that invade the mall, you get another one. In the second game, the simple fact of being able (or not) to take the medicine to your daughter already changes the course of the plot. There are many possibilities… and not all of them are good.

The remastered versions

All games now run in 1080p at 60fps. So, although the “age” of the first game is quite evident, it is a fact that the games are running much better than in their original versions. I even thought about putting a gameplay video here, but like the videos captured by PS4 run in 720p at 30fps, the main improvements would end up passing beats. =P

Despite this, the games have not received significant improvements in terms of gameplay. The mechanics of the series Dead Rising they were always a bit “stuck”, a bit confused, and unfortunately nothing has been improved in relation to that. IT’S kind of gameplay you need to get used to to really enjoy the game. Fortunately, the evolution in mechanics is visible between the 3 games.

One of the things that bothered a lot in the past generation was the loadings: maps are divided into smaller areas, and when going from one area to another, there was always a long and naughty loading. In fact the loadings are still present, but now they are super fast: the transition from one area to another barely lasts 5 seconds, causing much less hassle.

Unfortunately, not everything has been “optimized”. This relaunch is a good chance that the Capcom it has to re-introduce the franchise to a whole generation of new fans… but there is a clear lack of any effort to localize the games: the 3 games are still entirely in english.

10 years ago, we didn’t even have games with Portuguese subtitles around here, but that has changed a lot in recent times, and the Dead Rising 3 arrived dubbed and subtitled in Portuguese here at the end of 2013, beginning of the current generation. They could have at least subtitled the games in Brazilian Portuguese, right, Capcom?


This relaunch that celebrates 10 years of Dead Rising it’s great for those who enjoy the franchise and wanted to kill the longing, and without a doubt it’s also a great appetizer for Dead Rising 4, which arrives in December, and will bring again our dear Frank West the action.

While this remastering sounds a bit lazy, it does the least you’d expect from a rerelease: it makes the game run better on newer platforms. If, like me, you’re also a fan of the franchise’s swashbuckling apocalypse, here’s the opportunity to revisit Willamette and Fortune City in the current generation.

And let it come Dead Rising 4!

Dead Rising 10th Anniversary Triple Bundle was released on the day September 13th. You can purchase a combo with all 3 games, or purchase each game separately.


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