On the last 24th of October, the SQUARE gamers from all over the world were finally able to experience Destiny 2 on your platform. How was the debut of the colossus of Bungie on the new platform? Let’s find out!

The story we already know

Who accompanies the BestyGames you know we already have a full review of Destiny 2 published, based on the version PS4 of the game. Considering that the content of the game itself is essentially the same, it is highly recommended that you check out that text, as pretty much everything that was said there is still valid here. To read, just click here.

But, to sum up, the plot of Destiny 2 revolves around a new villain, ghul, who destroyed the last refuge of humanity and imprisoned the traveler, extinguishing the Light of all the Guardians who kept things in order. In the role of the only Guardian who manages to restore his Light (it’s yours Ghost), your mission is to thwart the plans of ghul and restore the power of the guardians, whose headquarters are now a friendly rural community.

And there are more familiar things

After playing the campaign on SQUARE and in the Playstation 4, my general considerations are still the same: a Bungie improved the level design, but it can’t be denied that Destiny 2 doesn’t work hard to innovate: we basically have the same races of enemies (Vex, cabal, Hive, fallen, etc.) and the same 3 character classes from the previous game: Hunter, arcane and Titan.

Okay, each one has a new subclass, and details like the adventures (which are more elaborate sidequests like) are pretty cool, but overall you get the impression that a little effort was lacking in bringing really new, different content. It’s Destiny 2 with a taste of Destiny 1.5. But, to be fair, the first game was console-only, so maybe this repetition won’t bother the SQUARE gamers, who are perhaps in their first contact with the franchise.

The advantages of the PC

Well, no more comparisons, and let’s talk about what Destiny 2 brings good to the SQUARE gamers. For starters, the game arrives no framerate limit, so if you have good enough hardware, you can enjoy the game well over 60 frames per second, with resolution up to 4K.

Considering that the game ran in Full HD at only 30fps on consoles, that’s a huge advantage, and even I, who aren’t usually very demanding in these technical aspects, I recognize that Destiny 2 runs much better with a higher framerate. It’s the kind of thing you don’t even notice if you just play it on the console, but after I tried the game on 2 platforms, it is undeniable that it is much more amazing on PC.

The good thing is that the game is also super optimized, so even those who don’t have the most top graphics card at the moment can get excellent performance. In my tests, I ran the game using a Core i5 is GeForce 1050TI and I was able to enjoy the game above 60fps with almost all settings on Alto with no problems. Of course, whoever wants to run the game on Ultra in 4K will need thicker hardware, but it’s good to see that the game offers a more than decent experience also on more modest machines.

The video below shows the game running in 4K at 60fps on SQUARE:

Although I’ve spent my whole life playing with the good old controller, the accuracy and speed of response that the keyboard + mouse combo offers is undeniable, and Destiny 2 arrives very well calibrated to PCs, owing nothing to other current shooters. THE Bungie did school with FPS for consoles with the series Halo, but it seems to feel at home in the PCs, because the gameplay is impeccable.

You may customize your shortcut keys the way you prefer, but I liked the clever way the game fits my gear: I use a 5-button gamer mouse, and Destiny 2 automatically configured my grenades and abilities. Guardian for the side mouse buttons, something that worked super well and saved me the time to configure everything manually. I don’t know if he just kept my overwatch, but anyway, it was a hand on the wheel.

Of course I couldn’t just import my Guardian of PS4 to SQUARE, but on the one hand it was good: from the first Destiny that I had been basically maintaining a Hunter, without much effort to try a new class. At the SQUARE, I created a Titan, and it was nice to get to know his powers and abilities better.


Speaking of which, I think launching the game on Battle.Net it was a **** of a hit from Activision. The platform of blizzard it is extremely stable, and already has an absurd installed player base. Whereas Destiny 2 is a game that needs to be online 100% of the time to work, a solid platform is essential, and Battle.Net has risen to this challenge.

This brings us to another important point, which is community. Destiny 2 was made to play as a crowd, and it was great to have the structure of the Battle.Net to play with people who already play overwatch with me.

More than that, the SQUARE gamers seem to have embraced Destiny 2 from the heart, because the farm it’s always full, Crucible is super busy and it’s easy to be embedded in matchmaking to fulfill robberies and missions that require a closed squad.

Destiny 2 need an active community to function, and he has already achieved this in the SQUARE, even just 2 weeks after its release, which makes it clear that the future of the game should be promising on the new platform.


Destiny 2 it’s just the beginning of a game that should be extensively expanded and updated in the coming months — the first expansion arrives as early as December — and while it’s essentially the same game across all platforms, only PC gamers can enjoy it all with the fluidity and customizable resolution that only PCs offer.

Who followed the evolution of the first Destiny on consoles you know the game has changed a lot, and what Bungie delivers to PC gamers with Destiny 2 is the culmination of all the time it spent polishing the franchise on other platforms. What we have here is a great game port, very well optimized for different hardware and with very well calibrated gameplay for keyboard and mouse.

The best platform to play Destiny 2? Well, this will always be the one where you have the most friends to play with you. But, in case you’ve let the game pass you by on consoles, or is it simply a SQUARE gamer looking for the best performance, go from Destiny 2 at the SQUARE Without fear of being happy.

Destiny 2 arrived at PCs in October 24th. Before that, it was available to Playstation 4 and Xbox one. Check out our full version review PS4 of the game.


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