Yes, the title pun is infamous. But that doesn’t stop representing the essence of oh my godheads, indie game developed by the Spanish Titutitech using the simple mechanics of the classic capture the flag. If on the one hand there is not much innovative in the basic mechanics of this game, on the other hand it is quite fun and honest for a nice relaxed afternoon with couch friends.

as simple as fun

The basic premise of the game is the most uncomplicated, even for a typical arena game. Among the up to 4 competitors – which can be other local people or bots (unfortunately, there is no online multiplayer), the one who fulfills the objectives of the selected mode wins the round and… that’s it. There are no evolution levels for characters or players, no prizes or anything. At most, a few unlocks of scenarios or heads, but nothing worth a career investment.

In this sense, there are some possible game modes: the most conventional is to capture the head, where each player (or team) must take a statue of a deity to the defined point and prevent the opponent from doing the same. To do so, it is possible to use some simple attacks and use power-ups, such as explosive pies, scattered around the scene.

Another interesting mode is a variation of the first one, where instead of taking the heads to a certain point the player needs to hold it as long as possible before being attacked by the opponent. The intention, therefore, is to be able to stay away from enemies, or even use the specifics of each statue to your advantage to keep your head in your hands longer.

The other modes present in the game leave heads aside and are based on knockout. One counts how many deaths you cause your enemies, and the other, whoever wins is the last one left alive. There is also a fifth challenge mode, or trials, with simple tasks to be performed and which works much more as a training mode for the few possibilities of action, such as jumping attacks, dashs and the use of power-ups.

It is clear, therefore, that inventiveness is not a strong point of the game, nor does it seem to be the proposal. The important thing is to understand that there is no narrative motivation here and nothing is there to make sense of. It is a combination of various nonsense things, with characters like a skull, a ninja or a penguin inside an arena carrying the heads of deities that release some kind of curse.

The main point is to be absolutely uncompromising and made for pure fun on a day of goofing off. And in this case, the game manages to be very competent and successful, yielding good disputes with simple gameplay. It doesn’t take long for any player to master the game’s commands and start carrying statues or massacring enemies.

The problem is that there is little motivation to really get into the game. In a matter of minutes, it is possible to finish all the trials, go through all the modes, know all the maps and experience all the deities present. The possibility of conquering higher scores and entering the rankings with friends may even yield a little more, but nothing that goes much further.

Therein lies the game’s biggest obstacle: its short life, especially for those who play alone – or most of the time without someone on their side to make the game interesting as a collective action. It’s the typical game that’s only worth it for those who really like to play with friends or family and want to have it installed for that after-barbecue on Sunday. Otherwise, it will be another one of those games that you download, install, try, and uninstall right away.

cute but limited

The same qualities and problems reported above can be seen in the visual. At first, the game is interesting, it uses good references here and there that remind the environments and also the mythologies that inspire it, but soon it doesn’t matter much. The same can be said for the characters, which in the end are always the same, with skins that don’t matter much during the matches themselves.

The heads of the different deities are a little more interesting in aesthetic terms, showing a little greater care in the production to elevate them to the protagonism of oh my godheads. Curious that more than half of the game modes ignore their presence and, depending on the player’s taste, they can be sidelined for a long time.

In terms of sound, there is not a big highlight either. The adventurous songs are very similar to what we already see in platform games or even kart games, but without many strong inspirations. They work for non-commitment, but that’s about it. The same can be said of the sound effects and the mixing, which are there much more as a complement to the experience than, in fact, as a language element. Makes the basic rice-and-beans, without that special seasoning.

In short, it’s a game that even makes good use of an aesthetic that flirts with a retro 3D, with large polygons that resemble the first games of this style – something similar to what pixel art does with games from the 16-bit era – and not it disappoints, but it doesn’t shine either, with uninspired sets, generic characters, simplified scenography and basic sound.


oh my godheads is a casual and totally uncompromising game. It doesn’t make any more greedy pretensions and doesn’t even try to look more than it is. It’s honest in proposing uncomplicated local multiplayer fun, with mechanics and aesthetic choices that support this simplicity of design. In that sense, considering all the limitations, it’s a fun game, one that manages to yield good laughs or those excuses that the game is stealing for your cousin. But it doesn’t go beyond that.

The big difference, as is explicit in the title’s excellent reference to a common expression in the English language, is the use of giant heads of divinities from different cultures as the old flags. Add to that scenarios and characters that don’t make much sense but that promote a certain – and limited – variety for the next game. However, none of this guarantees longevity to the title, which is only installed there because it takes up little disk space and enters into that logic of “my family will come here on Sunday…”. If this is your profile, it might be nice to invest (little) money in the game. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

oh my godheads will be released on December 5th, with versions for SQUARE, Playstation 4 and Xbox one, with texts in English.


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