For nearly 20 years, the Square Enix cast on Playstation 2 Final Fantasy X, a title that was a landmark in the series for several reasons: it was practically the last game listed in the series to have traditional turn-based battles — with ATB bar — and it was also the first game in the saga to win a direct sequel.

Now, these two so emblematic chapters of the saga break new paradigms, arriving for the first time on the platforms of the Microsoft (Xbox one) and of the Nintendo (Switch). I played both for over 15 years, and when the advice of square gave me the possibility to revisit them, i thought it was the chance i needed to rediscover Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, auron and all these guys.

two great adventures

As much as both games are now almost 2 decades old, I don’t think it’s fair to give away spoilers of their stories, simply because they are so good, and deserve to be enjoyed (or revisited) in their fullest. We’re talking about long games full of cutscenes, with complex stories and charismatic characters, which deserve to be enjoyed in each one’s time.

Final Fantasy X brings as protagonist Tidus, but it’s actually the story of Yuna, a summoner who is on a holy pilgrimage to increase her powers and, who knows, stop an ancient evil that plagues the world of Spira. Tidus he is part of the guard that escorts the girl, and when the two engage in a romance, this mission ends up becoming much more complex.

Already Final Fantasy X-2 put Yuna in the protagonist role, but radically changes the tone of the story. Here we have a Yuna post-pilgrimage who has become a bit of a pop star, and will cross the world alongside her friends — Rikku and the newcomer Paine — collecting Spheres while investigating the whereabouts of his former love.

I confess that this big change in tone caused me a lot of strangeness back in 2003, and at the time I ended up leaving the game aside after the first few hours. But things have changed — I’ve changed — and now, in 2019, I’ve decided to give the sequel a chance, and I don’t regret it. I’m still not fully comfortable with the personality change of the Yuna, but the game itself is quite competent, and its story complements what we saw in the X.

The content

who has played Final Fantasy X or X-2 you won’t really be surprised by these new versions, at least as far as content is concerned. The two games are in full here, but without major news or additions. These are games of a time when there were no DLCs (#sdds), so the games themselves are essentially the same — in the case of the fx, the present version is the International, the best and most complete.

This does not mean, however, that there is no “news”. Through the game’s main menu, we can access 4 contents: in the case of Final Fantasy X we have the game itself and the extra content Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm, non-playable content that is basically a cutscene that serves as an epilogue to the game, and prepares Yuna for your next adventure.

Already Final Fantasy X-2 arrives accompanied by Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission, which puts the trio of protagonists to climb an 80-story tower, with exploration and turn-based combat that works very differently from what we have in the base game. It’s a nice content especially for the dialogues that take place between the girls, which tell a little about how they are living after the events of the main game.

These contents were already available in other collections (the games were remastered in the last generation, to PS3), but if you, like me, skipped this edition of the games, maybe this will be your first contact with the extras.

But that’s it: if we just add the campaigns of the games themselves, we would already have content for over 100 hours of play. If on the one hand they don’t bring great news, on the other hand they tell great stories, they bring remarkable characters, epic boss battles and very different game mechanics.

While FF X focuses on traditional turn-based battles, with characters from different classes, FF X-2 brings (literally) a new guise to the job system through the dressphers, equippable outfits that alter the look and skills of girls. Each game has its own feeling, and very exclusive and differentiated dynamics.

HD classics

Allied to these great stories full of good characters, we have a very competent remastering job – which takes advantage of what had already been done in the past generation -, bringing a look that is still dated (after all, it’s not a remake), but fills a 4K screen with all the beautiful colors and landscapes of Spira.

The technical limitations of nearly 20-year-old games are still present, but they are alleviated by high definition character models, smooth and aliased edges, updated light and shadow effects, and other features. Even random NPCs have been polished, making the whole work much more cohesive.

THE Soundtrack of both games has been completely remastered., and iconic themes gain much more nuance and depth — although purists can opt for the original versions if they prefer. Again, Square Enix leaves something to be desired when it comes to location: All content remains in English, demonstrating (once again) a lack of interest by the company in making its games accessible to new territories.


Final Fantasy X and X-2 they are great, engaging and passionate games that are easily recommended, no matter what platform they are on. If you haven’t played them on PS2, now you have one more chance to see the world of Spira and let yourself be carried away by your heroes and villains.

Final Fantasy X is especially recommended as it is a break-up point for the franchise, representing practically a last-ditch effort by Square Enix in maintaining the turn-based gameplay that marked the beginnings of the series. But since we’re talking about a combo with 2 games, there’s no reason not to enjoy both, right?

It’s good to see these rereleases coming to other platforms as this allows more people to have access to these games. I played in Xbox one, but the pack is also available for SQUARE, PS4 and Switch. Choose the platform that suits you best and let yourself be carried away by the adventures of Tidus, Yuna, Wakka and co.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Arrived to Xbox one and to Nintendo Switch this month. Before that, the content was already available for SQUARE and PS4.


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