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BestyGames Review: Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4

BestyGames Review: Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4

Video games have always had interesting options for those who like motocross. O NES he had Excitebike, it’s the Master System had a very interesting mini-game in its California Games (our Summer Games). The following generations were eventually getting new and better versions with motorcycle racing with lots of obstacles in the mud, and lots of fun.

Today, the responsibility of bringing good games full of mud lies with the Milestone, the same that produces the great series motorcycle GP and ride. The game has the license of END Supercross World Championship and takes the player to the show of indoor motocross racing in arenas, very common in the United States.

Thus, the game offers the insane gameplay of the racing genre, with real bikers and tracks. So, come and discover the newest motocross game from Milestone, and get dirty with mud without worrying about going to the hospital after every fall you take!

Ready to get muddy?

The new motocross game from Milestone brings the essentials to the genre. The event mode, which is the single race, or the option for the mode Time Attack is for anyone who wants to call and play. You can also choose the championship mode, which varies between official championships. END Supercross, or creating a custom tournament.

There is the “thick” mode, which is a free play, great for training the game and learning to tame the bike. And the career mode, which we’ll talk better about soon. There’s also a multiplayer mode, with races in public or private rooms, and a track editor mode, to create your own circuits. Plus a tutorial mode, which teaches you the basics.

But, in fact, the highlight of the game is the career mode. Now a trend in the genre, career mode goes far beyond a “tournament mode”, seeking to offer new things to its players. In this case, we have an evolution system based on trying to present the daily life of a professional motocross rider.

We have the schedule of appointments, and the categories to progress your pilot. To improve their performance, a very complete skill tree can be managed by the player, improving issues such as cornering, maneuvering, braking or ground control. Such points are earned during the game.

It is possible to customize the pilot, with very simple but functional elements. And in addition, it is still possible to do training, in missions similar to ride and Great tourism, bringing more points to the player, and extra events, which appear occasionally. Advancing in the game, goals increase with the arrival of a rival, and goals of teams and sponsors.

And your performance can also be influenced as you suffer accidents. Your pilot may have limited performance, because he is injured, or you can reduce this problem by paying for treatment. It’s all very simple, but effective.

The cool thing about this game is that everything in the game serves, in some way, for evolution. Even casual pilots in free mode add levels and help the game evolve. It’s not a complete career mode, but it’s far from simplistic. It offers the motocross fan an efficient middle ground, which helps to extend the life of the game.

And the gameplay?

Here we are in a very interesting scenario. Speaking of Milestone, we have motorcycle GP, which, although it has a complete and very technical gameplay, also has friendly settings for the most novices. AND ride, which is currently in its fourth version, is known for being a series of more technical games, which require even the most novice to have a good grasp of the bike, to be able to play.

the fourth Monster Energy Supercross could be, in the default Milestone, in between. Yes, it is easy to learn to drive the bike, in addition to enjoying the tracks and their challenges. But, on the other hand, it is not a gameplay that is totally accessible to novices, as it requires a minimum of attention and mastery of the bikes and tracks. However, more unsuspecting newbies, who pick up the game to enjoy some casual action, may suffer more than usual at first.

It’s not inaccessible, but be warned that if you’re a novice interested in the game, a good visit to the free mode, or training modes will be essential. It’s practically like learning to ride a bike: you’ll fall a bit until you get the hang of it. But it’s not something that drives away. It’s just a matter of mastering the control of the bike, especially in the air, learning to land the right way.

And if you make a mistake, you can count on the rewind mode, which goes back in time to the race, helping you to correct any mistakes. The mode is limited, but as it is being used, a bar will reload, giving the player the right to go back in time again.

And, like every current racing game, you can play not only on the bike, but also on how to play, turning on or off assists. So, you who are beginners can start the journey “on wheels” on the bike, “walking alone” as you master the game. In its favor it says that physics is not very realistic and demanding, allowing for easier learning.

A good option to get muddy without getting dirty

Currently there are no good options for motocross games. THE Milestone has, in addition to Monster Energy Supercross, the series MXGP, also motocross. And with the know-how acquired when dealing with several games involving motorcycles, it brings here a great option for those who enjoy the genre. Even newcomers, who might suffer a little more than usual here, will find it fun.

The game is not a visual perfection, but it is quite competent in details and essential graphic issues. The roar of the bikes is very interesting and the gameplay, the most important thing here, is interesting, as it brings fun in a game system that rewards every moment of the player. Even those who have not mastered the game and are finishing last in the tests gain evolution points.

It is, thus, another interesting game option for lovers of action on two wheels.

Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame 4 is already available in early access on systems Playstation, for those who made the pre-purchase. And it officially arrives on March 11th, to Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, SQUARE, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox one.