One of the most loved series of Capcom is back to the delight of its fans, in two amazing compilations that encompass all of its games, adding some other really cool features. so carry your X-Buster up to the maximum and prepare your Z-Know, as it’s time to check out our review of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2!

The purest nostalgia, but with some new features

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is a great collection that brings together all the games in the series Mega Man X, since X1 until X8 (except Command Mission, as this is a spinoff of the series). The compilation was divided into two parts, with four games each and a lot of fun extras.

And best of all, here we have exactly the same games from the past, from the era of Super Nintendo even the sad “abandonment” of the series in the Playstation 2. This means that what you have here are the same games you played back in SNES, at the PS1 and in the PS2. With the same gameplay, the same soundtracks and the same look!

Each game brings the pure experiences of its original titles. All that great difficulty of the first 3 games in the series, the most in-depth adventures of the three games in the series. PS1 and the not-so-good but still fun two last 3D adventures. Everything as it was in the past, but with some welcome improvements.

First, X1, X2 and X3 now have save feature! It’s nothing very revolutionary, but neither is it the infamous save state hated by many nostalgic people. This is a new feature that saves password screens for you. If you remember correctly, whenever you die or defeat a boss, the game presents you with a screen full of numbers for you to write down and use if you want to go back to your progress some other day. If you are new and have never heard of Password, know that this is how things worked in the past.

With this feature, when opening one of the three games, you only need to go to the Password screen in the main menu of each game, press the load button and voilà, the game will automatically fill the screen with the numbers of the last saved password for you to continue your adventure! Already in X4 until X8 everything remains the same, with the good old manual save system in memory card, but with the advantage of being much faster (and not occupying slots).

And the last but main novelty in terms of mechanics is the Rookie Mode, or “Milk with Pear Mode” “Novice Mode”. You know that thing where every hard game is “like dark souls“? because in the old days everything was dark souls, and especially the first three games in the series were very difficult, despite a minimum of practice to be able to finish them with some ease.

But not every player can overcome the challenges of the past. And because of that the Capcom added this mode to all games to make the experience easier for those with difficulties. But if you take advice, don’t use this mode, face the good old experience, after all that’s what made the series so famous!

Choose the look of your game

The collection has introduced some very interesting new aesthetic features. First of all, all games have borders with wallpaper, this is due to the fact that the series Mega Man X have been born in a time before Widescreen, so their images have a square aspect, different from the standard rectangular look of today. You can at any time change the appearance of the screen, make it normal with the edges, small format, or stretch the image to cover your entire TV or monitor.

The second feature is the use of filters, present in all 2D games in the collection (X1 to X6). You can play with a new filter that smoothes the look of pixelated characters, making them more rounded. There is the filter in horizontal lines, emulating an old Tube TV. And there’s the option to play unfiltered, with the good old pixelated look. Personally, I preferred to play with the original graphics, I found the understated look weird and somewhat blurry. And also because the nostalgia flows even more strongly with that old boxy, pixel-filled look.

Just take a look at the visual difference in the images below, with the same scene in different filters (Click on the images to expand them and be able to see the difference better):

First, the original pixelated look:

Now, the pixelated look with horizontal lines:

And finally, the pixel smoothing filter:

The difference is pretty obvious isn’t it? Even if it seems like little, during the game the visual makes a lot of difference. So choose the look you like the most!

And in the case of X7 and X8 there was a remastering of the in-game graphics. Changing only the quality of the 3D models, with almost no serrations and a more polished look. However, in cutscenes and in character sprites in speech boards and other scenes, the original look was kept, getting weird at times, with low resolution and blurry images, and strange looking scenery elements.

The game’s soundtracks remain the same as before, there has been no change in them, despite the difference in sound when playing today, with better audio quality, than on TVs of yesteryear. Sounds are cleaner, better audible and still as great as ever.

Extra content and X Challenge Mode

In addition to all these games, there’s still some fun extra content. Firstly, you can play all versions of all games in the compilations! That’s right! You can play the American, Japanese, French and etc versions of each of the games, as long as they already existed previously. Because of this there is no Brazilian version, as none of the games in their time was officially released and located here.

There’s the museum, where you can see art galleries of all games, listen to the entire soundtrack of all eight games, see their original trailers, a special gallery for licensed products such as Action Figures, Comic Books, clothing, etc. . And finally, both collections contain the animation The Day of Sigma, an anime that recounts the events leading up to the first game in the series, which was originally released along with the remake Maverick Hunter X, released only for PSP.

And the last and greatest novelty of the collection is the mode X Challenge. This mode consists of a series of boss battles followed, but with a few rules: First, you can only choose up to three special powers to face all bosses. Second, your life is carried into the next battle. And third, you will face two bosses at the same time!

That’s right, this mode brings together bosses from different episodes of the series and puts them together for you to face. How for example to put Chill Penguin, in X1 and Frost Walrus in X4 in the same arena, attacking together. Check out my first game in mode below. Challenge, in which I face this aforementioned duo. I consider myself a Good player in the series. Mega Man X, but here I suffered a lot:

All the best and all the not so good from the past

As it should have been clear, this collection brings all the purest nostalgia of this much loved series for our current generation. Bringing all the fun, characters and challenge that many love in these classic games. However, some not-so-good things came with it.

In case of X1, X2 and X3 mainly, the game still suffers from lag if there are too many sprites on screen. This is a problem that already existed in the original versions and that was brought here. Another problem that turns out to be a little more evident is a not very good control response at times. Again in these first 3 games, many times X it won’t respond well to the jump command, which will get in the way a lot in certain battles that demand fast movement.

Of course this doesn’t break the game, but it does require some practice from the player to get the timing of the controls, otherwise the player will be able to give so many commands to the game that it will seem that the game itself won’t know how to respond, leaving X immobile. luckily from X4 henceforth this problem was not seen again, at least not in such a complicated way. Again, these are some of the cons that came from the original works that might not even be possible to fix, as they involve the direct operation of very old games.

But other than that, if you’ve played the series in the past, you can’t help but feel happy about revisiting the levels and facing the most iconic bosses. Like that feeling of winning Sigma for the first time in X1, play with Zero completely in X4, get every piece of armor in each of the games. Everything is here, the way it should be.


Mega Man X Legacy Collection is a must buy for all fans of the series. X, which I personally consider the best phase of the entire franchise Mega Man, besides being my favorite saga. THE Capcom did an excellent job of bringing all the content of the series into one Mega Pack (Got the pun?)

Something strange and that has confused players’ minds is the division of the compilation in 2 parts. But rest assured. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 is sold in one package containing everything, the division was made just for space management, with four games in the first (consequently being smaller for download) and four in the second (considerably bigger, since it has 3D games). You buy only once and take both collections.

UPDATE: After the writing of this review, individual versions of the compilations have also been released. You now have the choice of purchasing both in one package, or purchasing each one separately.

Unfortunately, the price of the collection here in Brazil is quite high, which is something that will scare Brazilian consumers, despite that this is a must-have collection for any fan of the series. And if you can play it, don’t waste this chance and let nostalgia invade you and dominate you completely, as if you were being infected by the Sigma Virus!

Mega Man X Legacy Collection is being released today July 24th, with versions for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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