A few months late, the Capcom finally brought Monster Hunter World to the PCs. But will the game live up to what the “Master Race” crowd expected? We went hunting monsters in SQUARE to find out!

just for the record

First of all, it is worth noting that we already have an analysis of Monster Hunter World published. We play the game on Xbox One X, and those opinions are still valid. Today we are here more for an analysis of the technical aspects of the game on the PC.

Also because, in practice, the game is the same as what we have already played on consoles: you assume the role of a hunter who is navigating the New world, a huge continent that is home to countless unknown species of animals and plants. Our job is to explore this New world, learn more about it… and hunt the beasts that live there, of course.

Even though this is supposed to be a Monster Huntr more accessible, it is a fact that the game is somewhat bureaucratic, with many menus, tutorials and routines that the player must get used to in order to have a good use.

hunting monsters on PC

Ok, but how is the experience of hunting monsters in SQUARE? To begin with, it is worth making it clear that the game is very CPU intensive. To offer an experience with a minimum of loads, the Capcom chooses to load each map in its entirety at once. In addition, the game maintains real-time monitoring of monsters, items and a host of other functions.

In practice, this means that players that use line processors i5/AMD Ryzen 5 may find it difficult to keep the game running at 60 fps simply because the processor may not be able to hold the bar at all (depending on the resolution and graphics options chosen).

For our tests, we used a very stout machine — Processor Intel I7 8700K (stock), 16gb RAM – 3000Mhz and video card Asus ROG Strix 1080 TI — and with everything on the ultra, the game never made it past 90 fps, most of the time averaging around 70 fps.

This is definitely not a bad result, but it can be quite disappointing for the SQUARE gamers who expected a better optimized game — even more if we take into account that it arrives several months late, justified by an optimization work that was being done precisely to offer the best experience to SQUARE gamers, who are receiving a game in the series for the first time.

Of course, running at ultra at 70 fps is already a pretty good result, but it’s something we achieved thanks to the hardware of the machine used. Whoever is going to play in a SQUARE with more modest settings you will probably have to give up some features if you want to keep the game running at an acceptable framerate.

And since we’re talking about the “Master Race” crowd, it’s worth mentioning that we used an ultra wide 1440p monitor (ratio 21:9) and unfortunately we couldn’t enjoy all its glory: the game doesn’t have native support for such resolution (at least not now).

This is how the game looks on an ultra wide monitor… :/

We understand that the percentage of users using ultra wide monitors should be small, but we expected a AAA game of the caliber of Monster Hunter World support the 21:9 format. The result is that of the image up there: black borders on the sides, and a misuse of monitor space.

Online and bugs

Just like the situation of the game on its release on Xbox one, the online part of Monster Hunter World it’s still a little lame in steam. Capcom is aware of the issue and is already working to resolve it., but because of that, it was unfeasible for us to test the online part of the game, both before it was officially released and in these early post-release days.

Those who managed to play online, however, have been complaining about a lot of stutter going on, with “gags” and recurrent crashes. This is yet another issue that should be fixed with patches and updates, but it mars the long-awaited release of the game for PCs.


Despite some technical slips, being able to play Monster Hunter World at the SQUARE — running above the long-awaited 60 fps — it sure makes what was already amazing on the consoles (remembering that, in the PS4 Pro and in Xbox One X the player must choose between resolution, performance or graphics) even better.

It’s clear that fans were looking forward to the game and welcomed it with open arms: Monster Hunter World arrived at PCs breaking several records, already being the biggest release in the steam from 2018 to date, and also the best release of the Capcom on the platform!

The game deserves all this success, offering a dense and immersive journey through an exuberant and mysterious wild world – punctuated by some of the most intense and exciting battles in recent times.

With a few tweaks, play Monster Hunter World at the SQUARE it could turn out to be the ultimate experience that the most demanding “Master Race” players have come to expect. It’s not yet, but it’s just been released, so let’s see how the Capcom handles the problems and improves the game for the SQUARE gamers.

Monster Hunter World arrived at PCs in August 9th. The game has menus and subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese.

*The guest contributed with this analysis Ross Mosque.


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