Let’s be honest: the Nintendo Wii U there wasn’t a big console. the own Nintendo seems to know this, since, since he launched the Nintendo Switch, has been bringing all the most relevant titles from the Wii U catalog to its current console — this one is a resounding success.

The ball is Super Mario 3D World, which arrived last week at the Switch… but it didn’t come alone: ​​in addition to the remastered game, the Nintendo brought new content, Bowser’s Fury, which is at least different. Want to know what we think of this package? So keep an eye out for our full review.

Super Mario 3D World

Sympathetic S sequenceSuper Mario 3D Land, of Nintendo 3DS, Super Mario 3D World Put the mario and your friends to rescue a bunch of fairies who were imprisoned by the usual villain, Bowser.

This is a game of Super Mario that has a lot in common with the beginnings of the franchise: an adventure divided into stages, which are spread across a large, relatively exploreable map, divided into distinct themed areas.

The phases are mostly linear, viewed from a somewhat isometric perspective, with limited camera control. A lot of the classic power ups are here — like the tanooki outfit or the fire flower — but the one that gets the most attention is the kitten clothes, which allows the mustachioed (and his friends) to walk along the wall for a while.

Another new power up is cherry, which duplicates a character, and allows the player to control up to 4 “clones” simultaneously — which can be useful for activating certain mechanisms in the scenario.

tradition and fun

as I didn’t have one Wii U, I had never played Super Mario 3D World, and playing it only confirms the high standard of quality that the Nintendo prints on your pet’s games. The game is technically flawless, it has an exquisite level design and a level of challenge that will please both veterans who come from 2D games and new players who got to know the game. Super Mario of N64 forward.

The presence of cooperative multiplayer for up to 4 players (both online and local) is another highlight: playing Super Mario it’s fun alone, and it gets even more fun with friends. So far I’ve only been able to experience the game in pairs, but I can’t wait to enjoy the game with 3 other people. Oh, and a nice detail is that, playing in portable mode, you can interact with the touch screen; on TV, a button + gyroscope combination allows us to interact with the screen.

In practice, Super Mario 3D World it’s a very cool reinterpretation of the game style that consecrated the character: time-limited stages, limited lives (gathering 100 coins always gives an extra life), lots of collectibles and secrets, some bosses that must be defeated in that scheme “decorate the pattern attack and wait your turn to attack”, and so on.

In short, Super Mario 3D World is a very traditional experience, very familiar to anyone who is a fan of Super Mario.

Bowser’s Fury

Traditional is an adjective that definitely doesn’t apply to Bowser’s Fury, new and totally independent game that is part of the package of this re-release. Here the villain Bowser was “infected” by your child’s evil ink, Bowser Jr., and turned out to be a truly giant beast, a fire-breathing lizard that owes nothing to the Godzilla!

Bowser Jr. he is afraid of his father, so he asks for help from mario to get him back to normal. We’ll do this by turning on lighthouses on different islands, and here comes the first big news from Bowser’s Fury: it is an open world game, set in a vast archipelago. Each island is like a stage, but we can enter and leave each island whenever we want.

Even the most open games in the mario always had some kind of division. In Super Mario 64, we entered frames. In Super Mario Galaxy and Odyssey, we travel to different worlds.

I believe this is the first time we have a really open world Mario game, without interruptions between the exploration of the map and the content of each island/phase.

modern gameplay

Bowser’s Fury is played very differently from Super Mario 3D World: here we have a fully three-dimensional game, with third-person view and complete freedom of movement for both the character and the camera. At this point, he’s more like Mario Odyssey than to 3D World. Speaking of which, it’s possible to play in 2 pclayers, but like in Odyssey, the second player is relegated to the supporting role, helping the mario like Bowser Jr.

The kitten outfit, once again, is the big star: walking on the walls is necessary at various times, and practically everything was “catified” for this game: the Goombas, you Koopa Troopas, you Bullet Bills and pretty much every other creature in the world has little cat ears—even the seagulls, who are just out there acting, are like that!

From the beginning, we have complete freedom to explore the game’s vast map, in no specific order. However, some parts of the scenery are covered by a black goo, and can only be accessed as we evolve, turning on headlights and reducing the influence of the Bowser.

Despite this different approach, each island is still a great “amusement park” for platformers to enjoy, offering inventive and fun challenges for the player, and bringing back many elements that worked in Super Mario 3D World.

Duel of titans

The craziest news, however, takes place in the constant presence of the Bowser, which is visible at all times, huge, inside its hull. Occasionally the weather will turn, and when a storm starts, Bowser it will come out of its hull to touch the terror around the world. As long as we’re normal size, all we can do is hide from his fury.

As we play, however we release the use of Giga Bells, bell-shaped monuments that allow the plumber to get as big as the villain! Here comes the boss battles, true giants’ duels where we’ll settle the score with Bowser at the base of the beating!

The battles aren’t really difficult, and follow the “memorize the attack pattern and wait your turn to attack” scheme typical of games from mario. What changes here is the proportion: the islands are small in front of the characters, and the confrontation takes on titanic airs worthy of Godzilla Vs. Kong or Pacific Rim!

It’s a very different — and bold — approach to Nintendo, who has never done anything like this before. At the same time that this mechanic has a kind of experimental flavor, it works surprisingly well, giving a new magnitude to the eternal fight between mario and Bowser, which has been around for decades, but has never been as grandiose as in this game.

I think the biggest problem here is that the further we go, the more often the Bowser attacks. This becomes a little repetitive (and annoying) because if we can’t use the Giga Bells — which require more Suns to activate each time they are used, all we can do is avoid it (or unlock one Sun new, which makes the boss flee back to the hull). After we got a total of 50 Suns, we go to the final duel with Bowser.

Bowser’s Fury it’s not particularly long content — with a little determination, you can do just about anything in about 6 hours, but it shows a very disruptive side of Nintendo. A side that I hope she will explore more in the future.


O Super Mario 3D World that we have here is basically a remastering of the game of Wii U. They boosted the speed of the mario, but overall the game is the same, running at a higher resolution. In both portable and dock mode, gameplay flows smoothly at 60fps.

The game is impeccable in terms of audiovisual. THE Nintendo it’s always whimsical with its main IPs, so what we have here is an experience where visuals, soundtracks and sound effects were produced (and remastered) with great care.

Bowser’s Fury, in turn, seems to almost demand too much from the hardware of the Nintendo Switch: playing on TV it struggles to stay at 60fps, but in portable mode, the frame rate is cut in half (30fps). When there’s a lot going on on the screen — storm, Bowser giant spitting fire, things exploding — there are some very noticeable slowdowns, but nothing spoils the whole experience.

The fact is that, being very different, Bowser’s Fury is quite amazing, and the aforementioned whim of Nintendo is present here: the game even makes use of technologies that seem quite advanced, such as reflections on the water surface that are not that neat ray tracing, but fulfill their role.

The soundtrack is incredibly varied — each island has a theme, and we can know that the Bowser will “wake up” simply by the variation in the soundtrack.

As much as it is an “extra” that comes just to accompany the re-release of Super Mario 3D World, Bowser’s Fury is not lacking, and delivers the quality you expect from a legitimate Nintendo game. It’s a technically very daring game, which takes its toll on the console, but luckily runs well most of the time.


Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury it’s a package that’s really worth getting. THE Nintendo from time to time he abuses the nostalgia (selling games of Nintendo 64 or titles not as classic as Pikmin 3 for Triple A price), but in this case, I would say we have excellent value for money.

Why do I say that? well first because Super Mario 3D World is an amazing game, complete with multiplayer, a long campaign and the “seal of quality Nintendo“. And, it’s a game that not everyone played, after all, it was exclusive to Wii U.

And second, because Bowser’s Fury is one of the coolest and most original things Nintendo has released in recent times. It’s familiar in many ways, but it’s also unique, different, fresh. And the Nintendo thinking “outside the box”, and putting your most famous characters in situations we’ve never seen before.

I don’t know if she plans to release Bowser’s Fury separately in the future, but for now, the only way to get the game is in this S pack.Uper Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. That alone makes the combo worth it: what we have here is a full meal, with a very good main course, and a dessert that leaves a taste of wanting more.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury was released on February 12th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game has menus and subtitles in Portuguese from Portugal — something that, when it comes to Nintendo, is a breakthrough.


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