Volleyball is a tremendously underutilized sport in the gaming world. Football, basketball, and even American football have annual franchises, and even surfing occasionally appears. If you were missing a volleyball game, you’ll like to know that Super Volley Blast is a really fun game!

doubles volleyball

I’m not sure what was the last volleyball game I played, but I know that the one I played the most in my life was the longing Super Volleyball in Mega Drive, with its Star Trek serve and the iconic “electric serve” in which the ball (supposedly) hit a lightbulb and descended like lightning.

Many years later, I can finally say that I got back to having fun with a game of volleyball. the footprint of Super Volley Blast it’s a little more casual, in a 2 x 2 style that’s more beach volleyball than traditional court sports. Which is no demerit, as the matches in pairs yield fierce and very fun disputes!

To be quite honest, the producers told me that Super Volleyball it was one of the inspirations they had, but the biggest influence of the team was really the classic beach volley, released nearly 30 years ago for the PC Friendly. When we put the two games side by side, the similarities become very evident.

An interesting detail is that the game is concerned with bringing a lot of content: in addition to the basics you would expect from a sports game (quick matches, tournaments, local multiplayer), we have a story mode (?!) that is simple, but fun, and it even brings “nice special participations. To top it off, the insane mode Super Blast, what a mess, turning the ball into a bomb, a chicken, or even turning the floor into ice!

Playing Super Volley Blast

The gameplay is relatively simple, but requires a few minutes of adaptation: To start with, we have a receive/touch/lift button. Pressing this button always aims to keep the ball on your side of the court (depending on the power of the ball received this doesn’t always happen), so keep this in mind when counting the famous three hits. A red marker indicates where the ball will land, to make life easier for players.

How would the announcer of NBA Jam: “It’s on fire!”

We also have a button to attack/pass the ball to the opponent’s court. Finally, there is a jump button that serves both for defense (blocking) and attack (cut). The point is that, in the case of the cut, you need to press the jump, then the attack button. The same goes for the serve trip: you have to toss the ball in the air, then jump, and finally hit the ball.

Check out some gameplay in the video below:

These are mechanics that seem a bit systematic, but that work very well in the context of the game. After a few minutes, everyone will be making epic plays and having a great time. And that’s what counts most here: Super Volley Blast is a very fun game, and the fact that it accepts 4 players makes it ideal for gather the crowd in frantic 2 x 2 matches.

It is noteworthy that, although you have a good number of “ready” characters, it is possible to randomize characteristics to create very strange players, or even customize your player to look like you. It is a somewhat limited resource, but it allows each player to have an athlete with “his face”.

My avatar blinked at the time of the photo… ¬¬

bugs and bizarre

What hinders the fun a little is the random way in which the game points out flaws: several times it accused “4 touches” when it was quite obvious that this had not happened.

Another problem is that the game occasionally seems ignore court lines, giving “tray” points to the team whose play clearly sent the ball out. This is as random as the 3 taps, and it’s just as annoying.

None of this breaks the game, but they are annoying little bugs, which seem even a little dishonest in the heat of matches. I hope that some patch fixes this problem, to make things fairer.


Totally cartoony and very colorful, Super Volley Blast oozes charisma. The stylized look and simple animations even make it look like a little flash game, but this simplicity seems to me to be more of a stylistic choice than a limitation.

“Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful”

The game has courts spread across different parts of the world — with the right to one in Brazil, with Christ the Redeemer in the background. What changes is just the background, but this helps to make the look more varied. The Japanese court is especially beautiful, with its sakuras (cherry trees) blooming all around.

The soundtrack kind of matches each country honored, and the sound effects are simple, but consistent with the proposal. The crowd shows a certain laziness when repeating several character models, but other than that what we have here is a nice little game and well resolved.


Super Volley Blast is a simple game, but tremendously fun from a sport that has long disappeared from the gaming world. It is perfectly usable in single player mode, but it really shines in its multiplayer matches, bringing together 4 players for exciting and unpredictable matches.

I don’t see volleyball being portrayed as a realistic simulator in a game, but these arcade-style games definitely represent the sport well. if you grew up playing beach volley or Super Volleyball, no doubt you’ll be able to kill the sport and have a lot of fun with this game!

Super Volley Blast was released on November 1st, with versions for SQUARE, Playstation 4, Xbox one and Nintendo Switch.


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