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BestyGames Review: Those Who Remain Has Its Issues, But It’s A Good Horror Game


BestyGames Review: Those Who Remain Has Its Issues, But It’s A Good Horror Game

Those Who Remain is a new horror game that has arrived bringing a proposal already known, but no less interesting: What would you do if you had to face a cursed city and your own sins face to face if you want to survive?

So come with us to check out our complete analysis of the game and its horror which, despite having some problems, is very promising and surprising! So, come on!

the **** of dormont

Those Who Remain tells the story of Edward, a man tormented by the loss of his daughter and who is having problems in his marriage, having an affair with another woman. And in a moment of despair, about to commit a terrible act, Edward decides it’s time to stop and treat his wife with the love she deserves.

So he travels to a motel on the outskirts of the city of Dormont, to put an end to your extramarital affair. But when he arrives at the place, all he finds is emptiness. No people, no noise, nothing. And after receiving a strange phone call saying just “stay in the light”, everything turns upside down.

Edward loses your car and your only option is to go to Dormont to find a way to leave. However, all he encounters along the way are strange people who remain motionless in the shadows, with bright eyes staring at him. And the more he explores the city, the more of these strange people appear in the shadows and the danger grows bigger!

A journey between heaven and ****

Those Who Remain is a horror game focused on solving puzzles. Thus, the game’s progression takes the player to different areas where it is necessary to solve all the puzzles and seek information about what is happening in Dormont before you can proceed to the next area.

With each new area Edward it unravels the secrets of the city and of what is happening there. Why the whole city is shrouded in endless darkness and why strange people with glowing eyes appear in the dark. And not only that, but demons from the past of Edward they will take shape and hunt him down, forcing him to face not only the terrors of the city but their own.

And if that wasn’t enough, the game still places a big task in the player’s hands: The roles of judge, jury and executioner. At certain times in the game, Edward find someone who is somehow related to the events that threw the city into darkness. And it will be up to the player to decide whether they deserve forgiveness or condemnation.

Therefore, something essential in the game (and somewhat complicated), is that you need to rummage through every corner, every closet and drawer in search of documents with information so you can make your decision. At this point the game can be quite monotonous for some players, as there are documents very well hidden. You will literally have to open all the drawers you find, because in one of them will be the information you are looking for.

gameplay and horror

The game has a very simple gameplay and with few commands. The actions that the player can perform are walking, running, looking around and interacting with objects. And in object interaction there are three different types: Grasping objects and throwing them. Collect important items and open doors, push buttons, etc.

The game was created on the engine Unity, which is a good engine, but suffers from some technical problems. And two big problems in the game are its camera and interaction with objects in the scenery. The game’s camera is pretty bad and hard to aim. This gets in the way especially when the player needs to interact with small objects or escape parts, as you have to aim very well at the object to work and this is sometimes much more difficult than it should be.

The other problem is collision with objects. This is not a big problem, but it often gets in the way, especially in sections inside houses or places full of boxes or furniture, as the player will be colliding with objects that will bar his way. Some objects, such as boxes and chairs, can be moved around, but sometimes while exploring somewhere, the player will get “stuck” in object corners. It’s not a big problem, but it’s an inconvenience.

And then the main point comes in: And the horror of the game? It’s good? Well, whether you’re going to be scared or not with the game is something that only you can find out, but I got some scares! And that counts for a lot, as it’s apparently getting harder and harder for horror games to manage to scare players. (I will be launching an article shortly on this subject)

The game has from jumpscares to very heavy atmospheres in certain parts. The good thing was that none of the jumpscares were predictable or expected, with the game knowing how to place them in moments that really catch you off guard.

One of the coolest things about the game is the people in the dark. Inside houses, for example, they are always looking at you in dark rooms, but if you turn on the light, they disappear. And certain very tense spots are in hallways or rooms where the light is flickering, because you can see these people blinking along with the light. And in certain places you need to run at full speed before the light goes out, as it only takes one attack to kill you!


Those Who Remain it has a very simple look, but still well done. There are parts where it is possible to see a look somewhat “smooth” or polygonal, but in general, the game is very well built, in its scenarios, textures and especially in setting, with objects, dirt and debris scattered around.

As the dark is a large part of the game’s visuals, it is well used to hide elements of scenery and dangers. But in certain places everything gets very dark, making things difficult. I confess that in some parts I needed to increase the game’s Gamma to be able to see the scenario and figure out what to do.

In the sound part the game is very competent. There are few characters in the story, so the voice we hear most is that of the story itself. Edward, which is very calm most of the time, which is a little out of character for the character, but his voice acting is well done.

The game has ambient sounds and very tense music, which help to build the atmosphere of terror in a very satisfactory way. And in the most intense moments the sounds help a lot to make everything really scary! And that’s a big plus point of the game!


Those Who Remain is a game that has some serious technical issues, like its camera. There is also a very high difficulty in certain puzzles, especially at the end, and it requires the player to be very thorough in exploration.

However, it presents an interesting story and a very competent horror level, also counting with multiple endings, depending on the player’s choices, increasing its replay factor. And overall, it’s a horror game that manages to fulfill its goal of scaring the player.

Those Who Remain was released on the day May 28th, with versions for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox one.