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BestyGames VR: Doom 3 VR Edition, the franchise’s great return to virtual reality

BestyGames VR: Doom 3 VR Edition, the franchise’s great return to virtual reality

Surprising everyone in one PSVR spotlight in early March, the Sony announced that the franchise doom would return to virtual reality. Doom 3 VR Edition arrived without leaving the community waiting, on March 29, until then exclusively for the PlayStation VR. The game, originally released in 2004, received some improvements and was completely ported to virtual reality.

In an edition that also includes expansions Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission, the title demonstrates great evolutions compared to the 2017 game, Doom VFR. With ok graphics and super comfortable gameplay on Dualshock 4, the game still has compatibility with the Aim controller, but it sins by not bringing some necessary resources to enhance the immersion.

Darkest Doom of All

It is practically unquestionable that doom 3 is, by far, the darkest chapter in the franchise. The classic titles focused on a more caricatured and action-packed look (even if full of blood and satanism). In turn, the most recent titles in the franchise take a lot from classic games, with a focus on unbridled action and mobility. Doom 3 is a point off the curve in this regard.

That’s because the 2004 game is the darkest, darkest and most flirtatious chapter with survival horror that the franchise has to this day. Filled with jump scares, claustrophobic backdrops and poor lighting, doom 3 it still appeals to a more realistic look and far less stylized than all the other games in the franchise.

Bring precisely this doom to virtual reality with Doom 3 VR Edition, by itself, is already a huge hit. This because the game’s dark, claustrophobic atmosphere works great in virtual reality, a platform that is very rich in horror games, FPS and experiences in the escape room style. In addition, the game follows the logic of titles like Skyrim VR and Borderlands 2 VR by bringing the complete experience of the original games added with all its extra content, all for an even cheaper price than the other two titles.

Fluid and fast gameplay

As I said at the beginning of this review, Doom 3 VR Edition got many things right that Doom VFR wrong in the past. And most of them are related to your controls. Doom VFR generated some controversy in its release mainly because of its problematic controls, focused exclusively on teleports with the PS Move, which greatly hindered his pace. Only in a second moment, thanks to an update, the game received support for Dualshock 4.

Already in Doom 3 VR Edition, the developers decided to completely abandon the “lollipops” of the PS Move and focus on ******** with the Dualshock 4 or the Aim Controller. I consider this a wise decision, as the pace of play that Doom asks for is much more suited to the mobility these controls provide. Besides, the aim is much more instinctive than in the traditional version of the title because it is by movement of the control itself.

However, it’s worth the warning for the guys with motion sickness/motion sickness. Play Doom 3 VR Edition without the settings that alleviate this problem it can be quite risky. Due to its fluidity and speed of movement, it is quite easy to get seasick with it, depending on its stamina. However, the usual settings to alleviate this problem are present in the title, although, by activating them, the game lets go of some layers of immersion.

Doom 3’s shifting immersion in VR

And speaking of immersion, here we have a point to be discussed in the game. Its immersion works great during the game, but it could be much better if it weren’t for some specific points. Starting with our avatar’s little floating hands. Doom 3 VR Edition follows the pattern of some other older game ports to virtual reality and does not feature your character’s body during gameplay.

An element that is quite common in even newer games, but which is the target of much criticism precisely because it is a somewhat lazy solution. But this gimmick doesn’t hurt the immersion as much as the loading and cinematic screens. That’s because every auto save or cinematic scene, the game exits VR mode and you get to see the traditional “cinema screen” inside your VR and then re-enter your avatar’s head and go back to VR mode. It’s a bizarre inconvenience.

This happens with a problematic frequency during the game, which ends up greatly hampering the immersion. Along with that, we also have a slightly improved look from the original 2004 game (which at the time was a visual spectacle, but is now quite dated), with the blurring effect that was already affecting Doom VFR.

A great return to virtual reality

Doom 3 VR Edition it’s not a perfect game, and it doesn’t strive to look like a new product. Its look is dated and that is unquestionable. However, being in virtual reality does give a new breath to the game and, with all the updates in its gameplay, the return is justifiable.

In practice, what we have here is a new way to play an old game, for a price that makes it worth the experience, if you have one PSVR at home.

Immersion has its problems, but most of the time the game works well. And, it’s a “good excuse” to (re)play doom 3, a somewhat downtrodden classic that deserves to be revisited, with all its claustrophobic terror and jump scares.

Finally, there is the expectation that one day we will see other games in the franchise ported to virtual reality. Who knows the doom 2016 in the “PSVR2” of the Playstation 5? That’s the suggestion — and the crowd.

Doom 3 VR Edition was released in March 29th and is available for Playstation VR, which can be played both in the Playstation 4 how much in the PlayStation 5, through backward compatibility.