Now that this generation is entering its home stretch, I think it’s safe to say that Overwatch was the game that consumed the most hours of my life over the last few years.. And when I thought I was able to “get rid” of him, behold, the game came to Nintendo Switch!

You know how it is, work is work… I had to try the game on Switch, to bring to the site this article you are reading now. Then I thought it would be good to play a little bit in the Playstation 4, because it would be nice to be able to compare, and such.

Then I took the opportunity and dusted off the version SQUARE of the game too, after all, it is the “best version” of the game… and in this game, I spent the last few days playing overwatch on 3 different platforms, and I’m here to give a slightly different opinion than the “world gamer press” has been promoting.

What do you mean a competitive FPS running at 30fps?

I confess that the ad of overwatch to Switch it caused me a mixture of excitement and fear. I love the game, and it would be no sacrifice to play it on yet another platform, but I was also scared of the inevitable adjustments (aka downgrades) that the blizzard — or, in this case, the Iron Galaxy, responsible for the port — would have to do in the game for it to run satisfactorily.

But considering that the Nintendo Switch walks running up to The Witcher 3 lately — by the way, I’m also playing it, and soon we’ll have a nice article around here — and the Iron Galaxy already did a good job of bringing Diablo iii for the hybrid console of the Big N, who knows the concessions would not be so severe with the hero shooter of blizzard.

Then came the confirmation that the game would run at 30fps, which I thought was a very bad thing. A competitive shooter running at 30fps seemed like too big a downgrade to me, something that would no doubt generate dissatisfaction in the community and the competitive landscape as a whole.


It should be noted that the blizzard and the Iron Galaxy were pretty smart about limiting the game’s frame rate. It’s a matter of logic: a game that runs fluid at 30fps is much better than a game that keeps choking and suffering from “locks” because it can’t keep up at 60fps.

By “leveling out”, they ensured a solid and consistent gaming experience, without the gagging, fps dips and crashes that could really ruin the community gaming experience.

I don’t know how much the reduced framerate affects the hardcore competitive side of the game. Switch), but with everyone at 30fps, there’s no disadvantage, everyone plays on an equal footing, so I guess that won’t really be a problem… but only time will provide the answer.


Let’s be honest: the pro-players and the guys who really take competitive seriously kind of don’t care about the Switch. These guys play in SQUARE, and tournaments will continue to roll in the ecosystem of the SQUARE. There, the sky is the limit when it comes to framerate, performance and other technical details. It is on the PC that overwatch it is, in fact, an eSport.

Although I’ve played hundreds of hours on two different platforms (and now, with the Switch, there are already three), I never took overwatch so seriously. I’ve always played for fun — and yes, that includes get angry, cursing and feel like slamming the control/mouse on the wall.

Then I remembered how little does this fun have to do with framerate or texture quality. And it was with that in mind that I felt more confident when facing this “worse” version of overwatch at the Switch, which was sent to us by blizzard.

The “Switch factor”

Today, just over a week after I started my (new) journey through overwatch, I speak sincerely: ***** the framerate! In the last few days, I was able to play overwatch at work (may my boss not read this). In the bathroom. In the dentist’s waiting room. At the mall. I just didn’t play in Uber because I needed internet, but even the Wi-Fi of the McDonalds I “stole” for a quick little game after lunch!

And that’s it — in portability and practicality — that the Nintendo Switch shines, and delivers an experience that no other platform is capable of. It may sound silly, but the possibility of “play anywhere” it’s great, especially when it’s a game you like a lot. And it’s playing that we have fun. When you’re having fun with the console in your hand, far from home, technical details are no longer so important.

I confess that the exclusive news of the version Switch — like aiming using the motion sensors and gyroscopes of the Joy Cons — it’s just costume jewelry, which doesn’t make the game better or worse. It’s fun, we test it once, realize we don’t hit a shot, and go back to the good old stick (just go through the menu and disable the controls for movement).

And another: not everyone will have this “perk” of having the game on 3 different platforms — in my defense, I only bought one of them (the one from SQUARE), the others I received for analysis purposes. without the comparison factor, this becomes even more irrelevant: for those who will only play in Switch, the game’s performance is more than good. Except for the due proportions, overwatch at the Switch runs better than Control at the PS4 Pro. #There, i said it

But since it’s to compare…

That said, of course, when comparing the 3 versions of the game — running on PS4 Pro, at the SQUARE and in the Nintendo Switch –, the version Switch is the poorest one. In addition to the framerate cut in half, the game lost a lot in textures, light and shadow effects, plants, foliage, scenery elements and other details which, as a whole, make it prettier on the other platforms.

I confess that the framerate difference bothered me a lot less than I expected. It is clear that in the SQUARE and in the PS4 Pro the movement as a whole is “faster”, but during matches — when the payload is moving and bullets are flying through the air — we don’t even care that we’re playing a “slower” version of the game. As I said, it would be much worse to play with the fps rate faltering and the game crashing.

Overall, playing on TV, I found the look cleaner, less vibrant. And the clothing textures, tattoos it’s from some details of the scenario (like the movie posters on the Hollywood map) are quite inferior. But, it only gets wide open playing on TV, and only when you really stop to pay attention (something difficult to do in the heat of the match).

In fact, this visual downgrade is only really noticeable when we play with the Switch in its dock, plugged into the TV. In portable mode, with the smaller screen, at a lower resolution, it doesn’t even bother. And, I played with everything plugged into a 4K TV — maybe on a Full HD player the “defects” in the Switch version are less obvious. The fact is: on the laptop, the game runs smoothly and doesn’t even look ugly anymore.

And, just to remind you, these differences are only clear because I can compare them. Who will only play in the Switch there won’t be much to complain about if you’re more concerned about enjoying the game and less about finding problems.


I don’t think anyone expected the Switch received the “best version” of overwatch — not in any game, let’s be honest — but it’s the “factor Switch” described above, the convenience of being able to play anywhere, that makes the difference.

Over the past few days, I’ve seen big gringo sites boasting dramatic headlines like “the Nintendo Switch Do not handle it overwatch” (at the Kotaku) and “overwatch is too much for the Switch” (at the Polygon). Well then, noble foreign colleagues, allow me to disagree.

O Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the best version of overwatch, and this was expected. Everything that is ported to the Switch suffers some downgrades, simply because it has less firepower than a PS4, a good SQUARE it is a XOne.

However, adjustments made and expectations calibrated, it is a fact that the game is running very well in Switch. At 30fps and with a little simpler look, But it’s. And when it comes to the user experience, the 30fps ensures that the game plays without getting choked up.

I think the verdict of the aforementioned gringo sites, which crucify the overwatch of Switch why are simply making comparisons, without taking into account the effort that was made to make the game run decently on a “lower” platform. They mention bugs I haven’t seen (like character models don’t load), and I know this impacts everyone’s opinion, but my experience with overwatch at the Switch it’s been good most of the time.

In my case, “privileged” game journalist that I am, I can choose: when I want to play “the best version” of overwatch, I go back to the SQUARE. When I feel like it, I’ll play on PS4. But for that I’ll have to be at home, attached to an interface involving cables and heavy equipment. Like Switch, I take overwatch in my backpack anywhere — and I can throw it in the bathroom, the mall, the dentist’s waiting room, the McDonalds… and this is something that only Switch offers. All that was needed was a cross-platform integration of the account from blizzard to share my stats and skins, that was perfect. #firstworldproblems

But I have these perks because I work with it, and I’m aware that games are expensive and not everyone can afford to have the same game on so many platforms. No crisis: who only plays in Switch, is certainly aware of the limitations of the device, and will find a way to have fun without being mimimi. Something the gringo sites didn’t seem willing to do.

(And that’s why I’m proud of the work we do here at BestyGames: we are “people like us”, and we send the real to you, dear reader). ?

overwatch Arrived to Nintendo Switch on October 15th. Enjoy and check out my review of the PS4 version of the game, and our special article on the game’s first anniversary.


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