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If anyone had doubts about the good form of THQ Nordic, a studio that rose from the ashes of THQ, just take a look at the title at hand, biomutant.

We had the opportunity to test this open world RPG action game with a post-apocalyptic setting at Gamescom in Cologne and we can say that it was one of the fair’s great surprises.

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Biomutant: An Editor Madness

Biomutant is a game developed by the Swedish studio Experiment 101, and recently announced that they will delay the game until summer 2019 when it was scheduled for the end of the year. The decision is surprising because the demonstration shown behind closed doors looked really spectacular, although it is true that it suffered from occasional frame drops.

The game starts showing its powerful editor, and when we talk about powerful it is not a euphemism. We have a large number of customization elements, to which is added the mixture of DNA that makes the appearance of our character vary completely while maintaining its attributes, colors and others.

We can also assign different skills in a pentagon where we can define luck, agility or intelligence, and this is also reflected in the appearance of the character (more muscles or bigger head).

Fighting with mutant abilities

There are literally millions of possible combinations, and once we have chosen our biped, we have to go out into this ruined world invaded by vegetation while we move around equipped with some of the most curious weapons, where we can see hammers, axes with screwdrivers attached… recycling 100%.

We will find enemies with a very elaborate design, as well as the main or secondary characters. Ours has progression so that we can improve its characteristics to adapt it to the style that most interests us, and we can also improve its equipment, clearly reflecting that it is an action-RPG.

In addition to martial arts style punches – which will increase as we get to know the Wushu masters – and the distance shots, possibly the best are the special objects and mutant powers. They are brutally funny and range from telekinesis to levitation.

For this I give two examples. There is a power we believe in a big bubble and we are located inside. Its exterior is sticky and we can “capture” enemies and take them stuck with us to finally launch them with force, and that bubble is also used to make great jumps.

Another example is a iron glove with boosters, capable not only of removing more damage from enemies, but also breaking down metal doors that until then remained locked, unlocking new paths.

Each item has a special attack, so there are literally hundreds of special attacks (the one on the aforementioned glove pins enemies to the ground up to their heads).

The Good Samaritan

In Biomutant we find a large open world, but instead of filling it with icons like in an Assassin’s Creed, here it is about finding characters that will give us secondary missions and reward us with unique objects.

The study assures that one of the graces of the game will be that, finding these so funny characters, with varied personalities and in the most varied situations. What they offer us can, as I said, unlock new sections and open up new possibilities.

And the game world is huge. an open world of 6 square kilometers, undoubtedly the largest of the study and that clearly reflects the ambition of Experiment 101 and the commitment of THQ.

Perhaps the strong point of the game is its variety when facing fights, and also when moving around the environment, it can be on foot, on a mecha, on a jetski and in forms of transport that you surely cannot imagine. There will even be fully aquatic or airborne missions.

Title It has a sense of humor and some memorable bosses. In the demo we saw a huge one that wanted to catch us with its tongue. We had to weaken him and finally let him capture us to end up in his stomach, climb to his heart and kill him. If we didn’t escape, we’d slide down a tube and out through…well, you can imagine.

technically brilliant

Despite those frame drops, which knowing they’re going to be delayed for so long makes me think they’ll fix it without a hitch, the game looks downright beautiful and is one of the most colorful titles I can recall.

with a big illuminationvegetation swaying in the wind, very competent physics and a variety of environments, the game It stands out especially for its artistic design.

Not only because of the characters, who have a great personality, but also the taste for detail in the objects, the secondary ones, locations underground… a job with great care and that is appreciated.


Biomutant has been quite the surprise, and I hope it is not one of these games that receives little media attention because it deserves it.

Very funny due to its situations and its gameplay, varied, challenging… it will be necessary to see if the duration is adequate although it has several endings, and also if the variety of missions is consistent with the ways of facing them, but everything indicates that in that aspect it won’t limp either.

We are really looking forward to the summer of 2019 to have it in our hands, and we hope to try it again to see how it evolves, because if this title does not change too much it could be very big, even if its protagonist is very small.

Biomutant – PS4


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