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Black Cat’s Full Suit Revealed in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Black Cat’s Full Suit Revealed in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Today during a launch livestream of Marvel’s Spider-ManInsomniac Games has revealed the artwork that he used to create the Black Cat costume (or Gata Negra) that will appear in The Heist, the first DLC of the game.

Felicia Hardy’s identity in and out of the game

Regarding her appearance in the game, the Executive Creative Director of Marvel Games has mentioned that Felicia Hardy’s appearance is an example of what the Insomniac Games team has done, thinking about how modernize the look of the character (since some of them were created thirty or forty years ago) while maintaining who they are and things like the color of their suitso fans can recognize the character even if they’ve never seen this particular version before.

In addition to knowing his suit, we have also known who plays this character. Is about Erica Lindbeck and she herself has released the news from her Twitter account along with several images, one of them with the well-known method of motion capture.

Lidbeck is known for being the voice of Sophitia in Soul Calibur VI, Futaba Sakura in Persona 5 and its spin-offs, Farnese in Bersek, Magilou in Tales of Berseria, and many more. According to Creative Director Bryan Intihar, she was perfect for the role.

Looks like the (Black) Cat is out of bag!!! I’m doing the voice and facial capture for Felicia Hardy in #SpiderManPS4

Catch me if you can 🖤 pic.twitter.com/WzJncIk6SO

— Erica Lindbeck (@ericalindbeck) September 7, 2018

If you want to see more of Black Cat, don’t miss the trailer for her DLC The Heist and the details of the rest of the additional content.

Marvel’s Spider-Man launches today exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can now read our analysis of this game, one of the most important of the year without a doubt, and which is already positioned as the best Spider-Man of all.


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