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Black Desert gets free DLC on console

Black Desert gets free DLC on console

Pearl Abyss announced today that the console version of Black Desert is getting free DLC on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles to celebrate the PlayStation’s two-year anniversary.

The free DLC includes a multitude of in-game items. One of the most valuable items is the Treasurable Memories Classic Box. By opening it, players can obtain a classic costume for one of the characters. There are also five Combat & Skill EXP 300% scrolls that help players level up faster, and the Advice of Valks & Mystical Artisan’s Memory Bundle helps upgrade equipment and gear. In addition, there is Js special scroll, which increases the drop rate to 100%. This effect can also be “stacked” with other Item Collection Increase Scrolls.

This free DLC is available now on both the PlayStation store and Microsoft store through the end of September.

There are also many in-game events and rewards for players in the form of login rewards and play-time challenges. These items help a character level up faster and enrich the game experience. Think for example of Caphras Stone Bundle, Marine Romance Outfit Box, Blessing of Old Moon Pack, Ancient Spirit Dust, High-Quality Draft Box and Golden Seal of Panto.

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