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Black Desert Mobile Gets Great Ocean Expansion

Black Desert Mobile Gets Great Ocean Expansion

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert Mobile’s new Great Ocean expansion is available today. This immense update has a nautical theme, a large new area to explore and introduces many new features and activities to the game.

Watch the Great Ocean overview video here.

The Great Ocean is a new region that adventurers can see after completing the North Valencia questline. On the map, players can then see a new cloaked area ready to be explored and conquered.

This expansion is full of naval warfare and skippers can sail the great seas to their heart’s content and take out sea monsters and pirates with cannons. The control of the weaponry is quite simple. Players simply need to hold down the fire button to aim and release to fire. Sea monsters and pirates are not the only dangers at sea, as other adventurers are also after your loot and therefore it is possible to engage in exciting PvP battles at sea.

While sailing, players can see groups of seagulls circling in places where fishing is possible. The catch can be exchanged for valuable building materials such as wood and steel that can be used to improve ships and/or buildings in the camp.

In addition, there is also a new battlefield in the form of Padix Pirate Island. To get here, players need an invite. This can be obtained by looting sea monsters and pirate ships. On the island, adventurers and their crew members can take on pirates.

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