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Black Prophecy – arming the accessory


Black Prophecy – arming the accessory



Inferno in Tulima has been active since yesterday.

The long-awaited add-on to the space battles MMO has therefore arrived and added a new impetus to the Black Prophecy-t. And as a Gamigo and the Reactor also proudly voices, not only has the mechanics of the game been varied with the add-on, but it has also been expanded with a myriad of new features.
Tulima used to be a holiday paradise for those who could afford to travel here. They baked their bellies in the rays of the twin days, sucking on space cocktails. Now, however, aliens are using this sector as a kind of ‘launch pad’ for their invasion, so a vacation paradise is no longer that attractive. As I mentioned in the previous news, Enzo’s Emporium covers a new quest hub that players can find here. Here, then, the story that takes place between the Genides and the Tyi continues. And to take part in it, all you have to do is reach level 14 and visit the new area of ​​the add-on.
But as I wrote above, it wasn’t just the story that got a new boost. The time required to upgrade ships is a thing of the past. All upgrades become available immediately, so you can jump back into battle right away. Along with this opportunity came the Flak Cannon – which we already know well from the world of Unreal – which can cause very nasty injuries.
But we also have a new special skil system here. Players can summon attacking drones or overload their weapons for a short time to make their opponent’s life more difficult. And if space starts to become crowded, we can also launch a shock wave that will throw enemy ships a few light-years away. Attentive players can also come across other innovations, most of which have been incorporated into the game based on community opinion, more information can be found on the official website.