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Black & White 2 pictures and info

Black & White 2 pictures and info

E3 2003


A few pictures from the upcoming game have been published and new information has been posted about it.

THE Black & White 2we also have to play god. The game will be even freer, we will continue to decide whether to make a good or an evil god. We will also be able to train our being accordingly, they will be much smarter and more docile than in the previous part, they can even lead our armies in battles. We can create an idyllic place where there is peace and abundance or we can form armies and conquer our neighbors. Of course, there will be new miracles in the game, such as the earthquake that could ruin our opponent’s work, but also the volcano that floods the target area with lava. There will be ten islands in the game with a total of five peoples. The graphics have also undergone tremendous development, with lifelike rain, heat, fog and smoke. Unfortunately, its appearance is even further away, as it will not be in stores until 2004. In the meantime, there are nine pictures of it and of course the program will be out on E3.