These days we have had the opportunity to enjoy the beta of the expected Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and its way black outa classic Battle Royale that is incorporated for the first time into Activision’s millionaire franchise and that we have also been able to enjoy first on PS4.

Treyarch is using the beta, how could it be otherwise – and for this they are done – capturing statistics, making adjustments and correcting aspects in order to adjust the final experience that reaches the stores in the coming weeks.

Duos is the Featured Playlist. Max players increased from 80 to 88. Let’s party.

— Lord Vonderhaar (@DavidVonderhaar) September 11, 2018

Blackout will put 88 people into play

Blackout mode, as we say, will be a Battle Royale adapted to the Call of Duty universefeaturing the largest map in franchise history, iconic maps from the Black Ops sub-series, and the usual weapons and vehicles.

The study has also announced that although the initial plans were to have an maximum of 80 people for Blackout, they have been expanded to 88so there will be more players jumping from the sky and fighting to be the last one standing.

This was announced by its design director David Vanderhaar On twitter:

The maximum number of players has been increased from 80 to 88. Let’s play.

Apparently the load tests of the first games have made Treyarch able to increase that number without compromising game stability and fluidityone of the main objectives.

You still have time to enjoy the beta, and you can check how long it will be active by platform from here.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be available from October 12 ° for PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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