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Board Games: From the screen to the board

Board Games: From the screen to the board

One of the biggest surprises I’ve had recently regarding the interaction between screen games (console and pc) and tabletop games is Mansions of Madness Second Editionwhere the digital part is not simply an addition but rather forms part of the entire experience provided by this board game.

That is why I have launched myself to prepare a list with 5 titles that have crossed the border of the screen and have been planted on the table of our games room. Therefore, it is not about board games turned into video games, but rather we make the trip in reverse. Let us begin.


The first title that we are going to talk about is a veteran when it comes to role-playing games for PC and video consoles. neither more nor less than The Witcher. Gerald de Rivia did not want to miss the opportunity to walk on our gaming tables with a somewhat controversial title.

The Witcher: The Adventure Gameis a board game based on the fantasy world created by the famous writer Andrzej Sapkowski in which you have to compete against other adventurers to be the hero with the most victory points. To achieve this, you will have to travel the Continent developing your equipment and skills, investigating and overcoming obstacles such as monsters and dire fates.

We can choose between Geralt of Rivia, the monster hunter; the Triss the cunning sorceress; Jaspier the charming bard, or Yarpen the dwarf warrior in a development marked by adventure cards. The problem is that it conflicts a bit with the history and the universe of the White-haired Wizard, since the free-for-all mechanics on which the board game is based does not reflect the reality narrated in the books and video games.

This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a war board game based on its digital omon based on the Siege of Sarajevo between 1992 and 1996 during the Bosnian War.

This War of Mine is a strategic survival game where the player controls a group of civilians who survive in a makeshift shelter in an isolated and war-torn city.

The main objective of the game is to survive the war with the tools and materials that the player can collect with the characters he controls. Most of the characters that are under the player’s control do not have a military background or any sort of survival experience, and will need constant player intervention to stay alive.

It is the player’s responsibility to take care of their characters’ health, hunger, and mood until a ceasefire is declared, which occurs after a random period.
During the day, hostile snipers will prevent survivors from venturing outside the shelter, giving the player time to craft tools from looted materials, trade, upgrade the shelter, cook food, and heal survivors.

During the night, the player is given the opportunity to venture outside and search for valuable resources in the vicinity of the shelter. During their excursions, player-controlled survivors can find NPC survivors of the war and can choose to help them with gifts of food or medicine, steal them, or kill them.


Doom the board game is a board game with miniatures based on the famous first person shooter from i-D. published by Fantasy Flight Games We are facing a title for 2-4 players with games that can last from 1 to 7 hours.

The story tells how evil aliens have invaded the UAC base, the Union Aerospace Corporation, on the planet Mars. A team of space marines is in charge of ridding it of the invaders.

One of the players performs the functions of artificial intelligence and is in charge of directing the hordes of invaders, while the rest of the players represent the team of marines.
Marine miniatures roam the corridors and rooms of the base, where they take on Hellknights, Archiviles, Cyberdemons, and other classic computer game monsters.

The invading player will try to finish them off before they achieve their objective.
The game includes 66 plastic miniatures of the video game characters unpainted, as well as dice, cards, and various equipment and accessory tokens.

As for the board, it is made up of numerous pieces that represent corridors, intersections, rooms, etc., which fit together as the players advance through the complex. The pieces are divided into boxes, and in them are items, such as life, ammunition, weapons or adventure items.

Dark Souls

Now we move on to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Dark Souls: The Board Game is a game of exploration, immersive combat and challenging strategy for 1 to 4 players set in the Dark Souls universe. Players choose from a variety of character classes and explore dangerous locations filled with monsters, treasure, and deadly boss fights.

Designed specifically for the Dark Souls universe and introducing a large number of innovative mechanics, with miniatures of the highest quality, this game brings the same essence of the original video game to tabletop games. The problem is that there is no stock at the moment. Below we include the list with all the components of the board game.

Game components:


And to finish we go to the strategy of the hand of Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game. This is a game for two to four players, with four players being the recommended number. Each player takes charge of a different civilization and tries to lead his people to greatness.

Starting with a civilization made up of a single, humble city that lacks even the most rudimentary inventions, each player tries to advance their people by building new and upgrading cities, researching new technologies, increasing their civilization’s culture, and collecting valuable resources.

As players build new cities and explore the world around us, we come into contact with lesser civilizations, some peaceful and others warlike. We will be able to absorb these minor civilizations into our own, earning rewards for doing so.

However, the most difficult challenge for the players will be facing each other, when one rising civilization collides with another. We can wage wars on the battlefield, make sibylline deals in the shadows or compete to be the first to build the majestic wonders and become the dominant civilization on Earth.

Other proposals

Apart from these five titles, there are many other proposals that will make us enjoy video games that come off the screen such as X-com, Fallout, Gears of Wars, BioShock Infinite and a new The Witcher that is on the way. Big names in videogames turned into board games where we can sit around a table and spend hours and hours enjoying ourselves with our colleagues.

Seven boards that we can play in their digital versions on our PlayStation (The Witcher, This War of Mine, Doom, Dark Souls, X-Com, Fallout and Bioshock Infinite) and the unique opportunity to play the strategic Civilization without having a PC or to the exclusive of the systems of microsoft Gears of Wars. Which one will you play? I everyone.