During the 1980s, video games had risen from the ashes after the fall of Atari. Many games we know today are inspired by titles created back then and even many franchises receive updates to this day. On the other hand, many of these old games come out of video games and end up on the screen of your cell phone, like classic bombermanfrom the classic bombardieroriginally resolved in 1983 for computers and coming to desktop consoles in 1985.

Known by many game fans, the protagonist that gives the game its name is a nice white android with a pink antenna that has only one diplomacy: to divert bombs. Back then, it was almost fictional to see a hinge with an elaborate story like the one we see today, so the only goal of the android was to defeat all the enemies and find the exit of the level.

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How to Have Fun Bomberman Classic

Before entering the hinge, we recommend that you go to the Settings menu to configure your hinge. Here you can adjust the size of the potential slider, enable sounds, and specify whether you prefer the hinge slider to be affine or digital. For this specific hinge, we recommend using the digital control, since the hinge is two-dimensional, so the lever becomes unnecessary or even inconvenient.

The commands are simple: move around the atlas with the arrow keys (or the lever) and drop bombs on the ground by clicking on the corresponding icon. At first, you can only fire one projectile at a time, and it only hits adjacent squares in a cross pattern. As you progress through the game, you can find icons that hit more bombs at once and increase the power of the crisis.

That said, we remind you that you are not invulnerable to the crisis of your bombs and, once you place one, it is fictitious to move it. This means that your steps must be timed correctly, because if you’re not careful, there’s a chance you’ll get stuck in some space and lose a life.

Conclusion / Opinion

classic bomberman it’s a nice but challenging hinge. She won’t be surprised if she loses all of her lives during the first stage when she starts having fun. Her graphics have not changed in her transition to mobile, which can make nostalgics happy, as well as her music and sound gear.

Manipulating the controls can become difficult, as when you move your character a part of the screen is covered, which can interfere with the later stages of the game. At a distance from this point, classic bomberman entertains Android and iOS phone owners the same way it did on computers many years ago. Did you like the classic? You do not like me? So leave your opinion in our comments section!


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