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Bombshell! Sony announces the PlayStation Classic

Bombshell! Sony announces the PlayStation Classic

almost 25 years ago, the first playstation amazed the world. Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, it was the first console in video game history to ship 100 million units worldwide, offering gamers titles with 3D graphics rendered in their own homes for the first time.

We all have reason to love the first PlayStation, and now we can show our love thanks to the newly announced miniature version. The prayers of many have finally been heard… Let us all greet the Playstation Classic.

This is the PlayStation Classic

This is a cut down version of the original PlayStation, and will include 20 classic games pre-installed, including fan-favorite titles like Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, R4 Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The console has approximately 45% smaller in size than the first PlayStation and emulates the look and feel of the original using the same controls and using a similar package.

Nostalgics will appreciate Sony’s care of a much-loved console that made many of us fall in love with the PlayStation brand and discover hundreds of games that made history. In addition, the company has ensured that all preloaded games will be enjoyable in their original format.

The console will have an HDMI output to connect it to our television, as well as two controls for local multiplayer in compatible titles.

And the price? will be available for €99.99 from December 3 of 2018, a historic figure for all of us. Sony has promised that it will soon reveal the full list of included titles.